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February 25, 2008

Oh, Oscar, Darling…

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Well the Oscars are over, and here’s my abbreviated five cents on the fashion. I’ll comment on the men later, but for now I’ll just say Javier Bardem is a f-o-x.

Ellen Paige, seriously, a bit understated but I can forgive since she’s so damn cute. It does match her unassuming personality, though. I’m not sure if I like the necklace with the waistline of this dress. Aw screw it, I would have really liked to see her in something a little more fun and a little less, uh, black.

Heidi Klum looks stunning (duh), really suprised how much red there was on the red carpet. I really would have thought it would clash more than it did. Geez, would you look at that skin tone?
Atta’ girl Diablo. Very refreshing to see someone flaunt a different style on the carpet. Not sure if I adore the fit of this dress but props for being different. Then again, trust a stripper turned directors for being creative. Really though, I do not like the Betty Paige bang she sports.
Olivia Thirlby really didn’t thrill me with this dress. Nice fit, but looks a bit like a well tailored trashbag. I would have liked to see some color. Please.
All hail more black at the Oscars, Tilda Swinton did however make very nice recovery from her BAFTA ensemble. She’s quirky enough that she can pull off heavy black velvet at the Oscars. Meh…three stars I guess.
Call me old fashioned, but I really think this was a little casual for the Oscars. And am I wrong or are those gloves Julie Christie is wearing? Oh silly stylist…
Now, I love Renee but she always looks as though something died under her cute little nose. I do love this dress though, trust her to pull off something amazing like this. Quite refreshing. She’s looking quite thin these days, though.
Amy Adams is freaking adorable. Love the color, love her hair, love the cute unnamed old man on her arm.
Cameron Diaz does look lovely, but a bit like she’s walking down the aisle not the red carpet at the Oscars. Love the color and fit of this frock though.
Nice to see some color, but it’s all wrong for the Oscars. Not glamorous at all, and are those flipflops? Faux pas!
Usually I would think this color would wash a girl out like no other, but Kerri Russell really pulls this off quite nicely. Kudos Kerri.
Is Helen Mirren forrreal? A light wrap would have sufficed to keep the 40+ arm giggle from getting out of hand. But no, she sports sleeves. Why?
Not a fan of this look on Jennifer Hudson. When a girls got a, ahm, voluptuous bust empire waists do nothing for it. Like the dress, but not on her.
Kelly Preston looks stunning in this color. I really like seeing color at the Oscars…then again I really like seeing color everywhere. Eitherway, I like this dress a lot.
I can’t decide if this dress is black or navy, but Lisa Renna goes look very good in it. I bitched about seeing so much black earlier, but this dress is swanky enough that I can stand it.
This dress really cuts Marlee Matlin in two, but I do like the fit. I’m jealous of the hair.
Kristen Chenoweth, absolutely gorgeous. I love this dress, in fact…I want it. Love the hair and makeup, very understated but very chic.
Rosumund Pike looks adorable in this pale yellow, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen that color on a table cloth at my parents’ house. The fit is interesting, I think I like it.
Mmmmmmmmm. The champagne color is quite nice, and again I’m surprised that it didn’t wash Adrienne Frantz out completely. Reminds me of a fishy though. I want a fishy dress.

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  1. I’m surprised that you did not mention anything about Hillary Swank. Even though she looks manlier than I, I think she had a gorgeous dress on. Also, putting my personal vendetta aside, I’ll second what you stated and say Heidi Klum, did look nice.

    Comment by Sonar — February 25, 2008 @ 1:34 pm | Reply

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