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May 29, 2008

Shu Uemura’s Smoky Eye

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Women’s Wear Daily spoke with Gina Brooks, Shu Uemura creative director, to find out just how to perfect the art of the smoldering smoky eye. Brooks recommends utilizing shades of deep shimmering grey and rich midnight blues to perfect the sexy look. She details the process in four easy steps.

A: Apply grey shadow to the entire lid.
B: Line your rims with navy eyeliner.

C: Sweep black shadow from lashline up to crease.
D: Blend navy shadow into the crease and under the brow, smudging carefully until there is a gradation of color.


One Whole Year

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Another worthwhile blog to check out. My better half is taking one picture, everyday, for one year. Check it out here.

May 28, 2008

There Will Be Suits

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Countless people across the nation seethe in jealousy of Charlestonians during the summertime. While many dream of days spent at the beach, those who live within the Holy City’s walls actually live at the beach. Anywhere on the peninsula, a beach is only minutes away, whether it’s Folly, Sully’s, IOP, Wild Dunes, Kiawah, etc. With all that at our fingertips, we simply are some of the most fortunate folk, aren’t we?

Though, indubitably, we each have an immense amount of bathing suits/bikinis, there’s never any harm in buying more. The hottest beachwear trend this season (for women) is to sport a sexy one-piece, a retro suit in which less (skin) truly is more (sophisticated). Long gone are the days of the “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” and even further are those of the “Thong Song,” so spend this season rocking the hottest trend and making the Holy City proud.

This look would be perfect to sport on any Holy City beach. Try it in the playful yellow or the sophisticated black. The cute polka-dots add a wholesome touch to this sexy suit.

Urban Outfitters, $98

This suit is reminicent of one Marilyn Monroe would have sported back in the day. It hugs and accentuates the curves, while remaining comfortable.

Anthropologie, $158

Okay, honestly, we aren’t going to look like Victoria’s Secret models when we hit the beach. But this beaut would look fab on any Holy City lovely, an elegant yet sexy approach to the one-piece suit that any confident fashionista could pull off.

Victoria’s Secret, $117

Another fab Vic suit. This one just screams classic Bond girl to me, before the days of the ever-trashy Denise Richards, voted worst Bond girl ever.

Victoria’s Secret, $51.99

This J. Crew looker comes in several different colors, though I far prefer this “Brilliant Blue” color, which would look vibrant and breathtaking against all skin tones.

J. Crew, $80

Oh, and while you’re at it, cover-up your fabulous new suit with this ridiculously awesome cover-up.

Anthropologie, $88

May 24, 2008

Beauty Alert – E.L.F. Cosmetics Not Bought By Nordstrom’s

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There’s an e-mail floating around the beauty world right now that Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Cosmetics was bought by Nordstrom’s and everything on their site is $1.

The bad news: ELF was not bought by Nordstroms

The good news: Everything is still $1 on their website.

Plus, use the coupon code “carolina” and get 50% off your entire order.

So how does $1 cosmetics stand up against pricier brands? I just ordered a plethora of their products and will review them for HCS just as soon as they arrive! At the very least, I’m thinking they’ll be good to keep in a car’s glovebox for emergency makeup applications!

Read a review of ELF here.

May 23, 2008

What I’m Wearing Today

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My new clothes arrived in the mail last night…here’s their first run

Skirt and shirt by Forever 21

Wedges by Michael Kors

Gold skinny headband by Goody (Target!)

Ring on right hand from Mexico

Ring on left had from the floor (I’m quite serious)

I’m off to ride my bike to work! – Caroline

A Mass Of Frustration

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The entry of my 7 favorite summer things got deleted by accident. And just as I spent an hour rewritting it, wordpress threw a temper tantrum and froze (damn Web 2.0). Either way, as I’ve written this entry two times now–both to no avail, I’m just going to can it for now.

Sorry darlings,


7 Things: The ‘Guy’ Version

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As much as I love women being on top of their game when the heat turns up, I just can’t stand by and leave the dudes in the dust. Here are a few of my summer essentials:

The Michelada

This Mexican cocktail has a very interesting, yet unbelievably refreshing, list of ingredients known to man: beer, Worchestershire sauce, lime, salt, ice (yes, ice), and hot sauce (did I stutter?). Fear not, because there is no doubt that once you take that first sip, you will be hard pressed to find any alternatives.


  • A pint glass
  • 3 ice cubes, chunked
  • The juice of one lime
  • Hot sauce (Tabasco, Texas Pete, etc.)
  • Worchestershire sauce
  • Salt
  • Mexican beer, preferably Modelo Negro or equivalent


  1. Place ice in a pint glass.
  2. Squeeze lime juice over ice with a dash of salt.
  3. Add a few dashes of hot sauce and Worchestershire.
  4. Slowly pour beer over ice (salt makes beer foam up more).
  5. Mix and enjoy.

Gold Bond Body Powder

Let’s face it: guys sweat, a lot. Moreover, it doesn’t help that Charleston has some of the most humid summers on record (second only to that of the Amazon). Throw a little on the key spots (back, chest, feet, unmentionables, etc.) and your good to go. Just remember: a little goes a very long way, no doubt.

The Polo Shirt

I can’t stress this enough, guys: You. Need. A. Polo. Period. There is probably nothing more versatile in your wardrobe than a fitted polo shirt. You can pair it with your favorite pair of board shorts and sandals or a relaxed blazer and jeans for a night out on the town. Either way, you need one, maybe even two.

Facial Moisturizer w/SPF 15

With prolonged sun exposure comes the increased risk of both skin cancer and premature aging. Needless to say, these are two things that all of us can comfortably live without. SPF protection is quite essential to having a successful summer and the good folks at Anthony offer a topical cream that moisturizes and protects. Bonus!

Aviator Sunglasses by Persol


Nothing pains me more than to see young men walking about the streets with wrap-around sunglasses like they’re on the way to spring training. For the summer, there are but a few things you need to remember about proper eyewear:

  1. Make sure the lenses are charcoal-tinted.
  2. Wire-rimmed frames are your friend.
  3. UV protection is a must.

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

By far one of my all-time favorite scents of the summer, Acqua Di Gio has an astoundingly light and fresh scent that makes a bold statement but is not too overpowering. This means that you can go straight from the job to happy hour and beyond without having to worry about being too ‘aromatic’ for the occasion.

A Good, Frequent Shave

It’s freaking hot, no doubt about that. So, there is absolutely no reason for you to brave the Charleston weather looking like Doug Marsch from Built to Spill. Instead, opt for a more clean-shaven look this summer. It will save you from suffering in the heat and possible ridicule from some of your more baby-faced compadres.


May 21, 2008

What To Wear: Opening Weekend Gala at the Spoleto Festival

That time has come again, when Charleston becomes a super mecca of culture. From ballet, to theater, to jazz, to the parties, to everything in between. .

Which of course means you know what you’re wearing to the Opening Weekend Gala…right?

If you answered standard issue black tie…you’ve missed the mark, darling. I offer my guidance on what to wear to the opening weekend of the biggest cultural event this side of the Atlantic.

Outfit #1

Why I like It…First, I adore the dress. The flow of the fabric is summery, and eclectic, and has that perfect touch of sophistication. I would pair it with a Greek style headband (which I’m still roving the Internet for). For this collection though, I’ve put the dress with a gold ankle strap shoe. The ankle strap is perhaps one of the sexiest shoes known to woman–or man I suppose. I like the way this one compliments the detail at the top of the dress. I’m in the midst of a ring obsession at the moment, so I’m in love with the two rings pictured above. The purple one offers a nice compliment to the dress, while the hippo head is just pure fun. I’ve finished the outfit with a lovely python patterned clutch with hints of blue to pull everything together. You can see all the pieces in this outfit here.

Outfit #2

Why I like It…I must admit I’m a sucker for green and deep red paired together, and the flow of this dress is simply divine–In my humble opinion. I’m drooling over the shoes (again note the ankle strap, sexy eh?). The clutch is a nice touch of metallic and the jewelry pulls the shoes together with the rest of you. This look is a little richer in terms of color, but would work well if you have a decent tan. Again, you can see all the pieces here.

Outfit #

Why I like It…This would be what I would wear were I to go to the opening gala. The pink and black really pop together, and I’m in love with the dress. I’ve seen this Yves Saint Laurent clutch pop up in a few places now, and had to use it in an outfit. The clutch really adds a bit of artful whimsy to the outfit as does the black feather hair piece. I used to a plethora of rings in this outfit because it begs to be over the top–as seen in the detail on the dress’ neckline. Finally, you can see all the items here.

Spoleto Festival starts on May 23 and runs through June 8th. For more information on Spoleto or the Opening Weekend Gala, click your way to their website.

May 17, 2008

Beauty Brief

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Verbena salon has re-opened in a new location, on the corner of Cannon and St. Phil. (They were formerly located on Concord Street, down by the Aquarium.) The Aveda concept salon is offering a 20% discount to all first-time clients who attend the College of Charleston. Expect to find the same laid-back, organic approach to beauty that Aveda salons are known for. Plus, the hair products smell divine. Mmmmm.

If you’re a C of C student, the benefits don’t end there. After your initial visit, each new client you refer will earn you a $10 credit towards your next appointment. Don’t be shy– brandish your student ID and save, save, save! –Bridget Herman

By The Way…

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If you haven’t read Brian’s article below, you simply must do so…

And you must check out his blog here!

HCS  ‘s Brian Wilder

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