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October 7, 2008

Notes on Mishchief

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My name is Caroline and I once again disappeared from the blogosphere. There’s a (slightly) good reason though. Being a senior in college is a bit of a time commitment..you know? Anyway, I’m working on a new blog (yey!) so sit tight for just a little while longer. This is gunna be rad babycakes.



September 6, 2008

NY Fashion Week Highlight – Erin Fetherston

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I am loving Erin Fetherston‘s Spring 2009 collection. So clean, so elegant, so fun. Images from New York Magazine.

June 13, 2008

Say Yes To Neutrals

In a summer gone technicolor, the the neutral accessory is there to remind us that it doesn’t have to be brilliant to be stylish.

This Tod’s clutch (top) would look fabulous with a bright orange tunic and dark (or white) skinny jeans. Actually, I’m salivating a bit at the idea of that outfit. Of course, if Tod’s is a bit out of the budget, there’s also a lovely number by the budget friendly Forever 21–not quite the same look, but could be pulled off in similar styles. These clutches are $525 and $8.80 respectively.

Either of these would be great paired with a bold color. The right is by Elie Tahari via BlueFly and the left from Urban Outfitters. Pair with saucy sundresses, shorts, or linen pants…any way it’s excellent. (They are $159 and $38)

White looks killer when you have a good tan. Both dresses have a good “beachy” feel that would make any stylish Charleston lass happy. Pair these with bright gladiators and a ginormous sun hat (although perhaps not a la Samantha in Sex and the City…unless you’re really daring) and flaunt yourself at Saturday brunch. The dress on the right is by Free People (did you know they’re owned by the same company as Urban Outfitters?) and left is by Forever 21. (Dresses are $139 and $40)

Paired with a super skinny heavy linen pencil skirt and bold shirt (I still have orange on the mind), both of these would look divine. Play with neutrals by pairing them with a grounding color (black, navy, etc.) and a bright color (coral, orange, hot pink)…the contrast between the three is fabulous. The shoe to the right is by Via Spiga and the left is Nine West (they are $250 and $130)

A neutral eye is perfect for summer. My favorite summer eye makeup look is a touch of gold tinted base, with a swish of Clinique eyeshadow in Daybreak plus dark chocolate eyeliner. Really and effortless and neutral look that carries off well in summer. The color pictured above is by M.A.C.

Putting It Together…Pairing Neutrals With Colors

Neutral + Bright colors = instant attention grabber. Use neutrals to your advantage by letting bright colors pop against them.



June 2, 2008

And Sunday Was…

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After six days of hustle and bustle…this stylish faun found herself on the brink of exhaustion. Fortunately, I fully realized that feeling Saturday night at 11:30 p.m. as I jetted back from a particularly trying double shift…just in time to realize the next day was thankfully Sunday. An entirely unscheduled day

I awoke this morning wrapped in Egyptian cotton sheets and aware to the chirp of my cell phone from the floor. A quick phone call from a good friend, and I had plans to–finally–see Sex And The City. The day was shaping up perfectly and it had only been five minutes.

Pulling on a new royal blue sundress (perfect for a Sunday), I began my new skin care regiment compliments of the free goodies sent from Mario Badaesco. One subtle smelling orange facewash and seaweed toner later–among a few other quick treatments– and I was ready for a mid-morning brunch.

The usually-better half and I drove to Nathan’s, a discreet almost hole-in-the-wall dive on Ashley River Road in West Ashley. The decor reminded me a bit of what might happen if one picked furniture by spinning three times in a thrift store and bought whatever was in front of them. It certainly wasn’t perfect, it certainly wasn’t trendy, and it certainly was delightful. Nathan’s is a bit of an epicurean enigma. Part Jewish deli, part down home greasy-spoon. I settled on the blintzes served with sour cream and blueberry jelly. They were served perfectly crisp on the outside and creamy and soft inside. The combination of the sour cream and jelly moved them from tasty…to simply divine.

After brunch, my beau and I settled ourselves by the pool where I caught up on my magazine reading. I rarely buy magazines (aside from the Nylon that usually appears on m doorstep each month), but today I indulged in the new issues of Cosmopolitan, Vogue Home, and Real Simple. I read these poolside dressed in my (such a steal) end of the season $2 bathing suit paired with a new favorite straw fedora.

The pool was followed by an afternoon shower, among other things, before I again pulled on the perfectly royal blue sundress. A day by the pool had served my skin well, and by some miracle (perhaps the SPF 15) I escaped the outdoors sunkissed rather than sunburned.

Early this evening, I settled into the dusty seats of the Citadel Mall movie theater, almost a forgotten relic among the Charleston area super-big screens. I found it difficult to hide my excitement about Sex And The City. I would say you’d be hard pressed to find a dama who felt differently.

In all the required cliche manners I laughed, I cried, and instantly pined for a blue pair of Manolo Blahniks. I give it two well manicured thumbs up, despite the egregious instances of product placement which I can over look only because it’s Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. (Style review surely to follow soon

The evening ends here, curled up on the couch watching Food Network and snacking on grilled tuna and homemade salsa, sipping a Pomagranate-ice tea cocktail and wondering how Paula Dean can make peanut butter and jelly cupcakes look so good.

An excellent Sunday indeed.

May 23, 2008

A Mass Of Frustration

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The entry of my 7 favorite summer things got deleted by accident. And just as I spent an hour rewritting it, wordpress threw a temper tantrum and froze (damn Web 2.0). Either way, as I’ve written this entry two times now–both to no avail, I’m just going to can it for now.

Sorry darlings,


7 Things: The ‘Guy’ Version

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As much as I love women being on top of their game when the heat turns up, I just can’t stand by and leave the dudes in the dust. Here are a few of my summer essentials:

The Michelada

This Mexican cocktail has a very interesting, yet unbelievably refreshing, list of ingredients known to man: beer, Worchestershire sauce, lime, salt, ice (yes, ice), and hot sauce (did I stutter?). Fear not, because there is no doubt that once you take that first sip, you will be hard pressed to find any alternatives.


  • A pint glass
  • 3 ice cubes, chunked
  • The juice of one lime
  • Hot sauce (Tabasco, Texas Pete, etc.)
  • Worchestershire sauce
  • Salt
  • Mexican beer, preferably Modelo Negro or equivalent


  1. Place ice in a pint glass.
  2. Squeeze lime juice over ice with a dash of salt.
  3. Add a few dashes of hot sauce and Worchestershire.
  4. Slowly pour beer over ice (salt makes beer foam up more).
  5. Mix and enjoy.

Gold Bond Body Powder

Let’s face it: guys sweat, a lot. Moreover, it doesn’t help that Charleston has some of the most humid summers on record (second only to that of the Amazon). Throw a little on the key spots (back, chest, feet, unmentionables, etc.) and your good to go. Just remember: a little goes a very long way, no doubt.

The Polo Shirt

I can’t stress this enough, guys: You. Need. A. Polo. Period. There is probably nothing more versatile in your wardrobe than a fitted polo shirt. You can pair it with your favorite pair of board shorts and sandals or a relaxed blazer and jeans for a night out on the town. Either way, you need one, maybe even two.

Facial Moisturizer w/SPF 15

With prolonged sun exposure comes the increased risk of both skin cancer and premature aging. Needless to say, these are two things that all of us can comfortably live without. SPF protection is quite essential to having a successful summer and the good folks at Anthony offer a topical cream that moisturizes and protects. Bonus!

Aviator Sunglasses by Persol


Nothing pains me more than to see young men walking about the streets with wrap-around sunglasses like they’re on the way to spring training. For the summer, there are but a few things you need to remember about proper eyewear:

  1. Make sure the lenses are charcoal-tinted.
  2. Wire-rimmed frames are your friend.
  3. UV protection is a must.

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

By far one of my all-time favorite scents of the summer, Acqua Di Gio has an astoundingly light and fresh scent that makes a bold statement but is not too overpowering. This means that you can go straight from the job to happy hour and beyond without having to worry about being too ‘aromatic’ for the occasion.

A Good, Frequent Shave

It’s freaking hot, no doubt about that. So, there is absolutely no reason for you to brave the Charleston weather looking like Doug Marsch from Built to Spill. Instead, opt for a more clean-shaven look this summer. It will save you from suffering in the heat and possible ridicule from some of your more baby-faced compadres.


April 14, 2008

Things To Do This Week

Photo : Charleston Museum

It’s the last week to see Clothes To Dye For at the Charleston Museum. The exhibit ends April 18th and it’s highly recommended for any fashion maven. The Charleston Museum is open Monday-Saturday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. Tickets are $10.

photo Jessica Caroline Cox

Family Circle Cup time means the annual Lacoste Fashion show today at 6:00 on King Street. Yippee!

CofCRADIO’s last indie dance party is this Thursday at the Music Farm. Environmentally themed debauchery with Alliance for Planet Earth recycling all bottles and cans. Make your outfit out of recycled materials (I’ll be wearing foliage I’m sure). CofCRADIO’s own DJ Mike Cassidy will be spinning for the night. Doors at 10 p.m. $5/under 21, $3/21+

Kulture Klash’s second installment of art, music, and ridiculous awesomeness is this Saturday. 10 Store House Row. 7 p.m. $10

What are you doing this week?

April 9, 2008

Cook Like You Can

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I rarely get to cook anything much beyond my weekly dinner-time staple of brown rice and veggies (who wants to be elaborate when you get home at 8:30?)

So Saturday night when I stumbled upon this recipe on Food.com my culinary instinct kicked in.

Now, the real recipe is done almost entirely on the grill. But being the modern girl that I am…I have no idea how to make one of those ridiculous things work. I did however, adapt the recipe for the confines of the average kitchen.

It’s an awesome pizza, completely different than what you’ll find at your usual run-of-the-mill pizza haunts. The pizza makes a perfect meal for two.

I don’t use specific proportions in the recipe, just eye-ball it and cook to your taste.


Italian Sausage
1 Red Pepper
1 Purple Onion
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
Pizza Dough – forget making your own that’s a pain, the roll out kind is perfect
Fontina Cheese – one chunk (technical cooking word) should be fine
Ricotta Cheese
Oregano (fresh or dried)

Basil (fresh or dried)
White Wine Vinegar – about two splashes.
Black Pepper
1/4 c. Olive Oil

Roll out pizza dough on cookie sheet, brush with olive oil. Place under your oven’s broiler until lightly browned. Take out, flip over, brush with olive oil and put under broiler until other side is also lightly browned.

Roughly slice the onion (about 1/4 inch thick) and red pepper (good sized strips), sautée with olive oil and salt & pepper to taste.

Cut 2 Italian sausages down the center and cook until done. Remove from heat, let cool, and cut into bite-sized pieces.

Grate fontina cheese (this is a great job for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or other to do since it’s kind of a pain in the ass).

Assemble pizza starting with grated fontina cheese, onions and red peppers, and finally Italian sausage. Put in 400* oven for about 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.

While pizza is in the oven, combine about 1/2 cup of ricotta cheese, a few splashes of olive oil, and a few shakes of oregano leaves. Stir until smooth.

Combine ingredients for vinaigrette to taste. Don’t bawk at the idea of putting honey on your pizza and go ahead and put a full tablespoon in your mixture. Whisk.

When pizza comes out of onion drizzle with vinaigrette and scoop small spoon fulls of ricotta cheese on top. Let sit for five minutes, serve warm.

April 5, 2008

Street Style Fashions For Charleston

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Coming soon…images of Charleston’s own street style. For now, four images from other places to get you inspired to think outside your Sperry’s and Rainbows.

How much do I wish I could see this on the streets on Charleston? So, so much. It’s all in the matching with this one…the shoes, the tights, the gloves, and the umbrella. The entire look comes of incredibly chic and demure.

This look screams King Street to me. CFW 2008 taught us the benefits of shorts…and this look exemplifies it. The floaty shirt with the jacket paired with the saddle-shoe inspired footwear makes the look relaxed yet put together.

For an outfit that is entirely black, it begs to be noticed. The different textures really make the individual components pop in this look. The softness of the scarf, the structured masculine style of the jacket and hat, the bold eye makeup, and the whimsical addition of the feathers really make this outfit remarkable. While it might be a bit too hot already in Charleston, I’m keeping my eyes open to see that hat!

Again, I love the shorts. The suspenders are a nice touch, and balance nicely against the plain white t-shirt. You might have to skip the sweater for Charleston, but the hat is too adorable.

April 3, 2008

Inspirations: Fafi

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French street artist, Fafi, got her start at age 18 doing graffiti images of wildly sexy, wildy cool female characters on the buildings of her home town. Now, MAC Cosmetics just made a new line of colors inspired by her sexed-up art (in addition to previous partnerings with LeSportSac, Cocacola, and Adidias). Her works have been featured in Vogue, Elle, and a plethora of other mags. Bravo, girl, bravo.


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