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June 27, 2008

Making Sun Awareness Stylish

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So I’m super late in scooping this BUT…the Spa at Charleston Place & MUSC launched the “I Will Reflect” campaign earlier this summer. Basically, it’s to raise awareness and support for both sun awareness and melanoma cancer.

By buying a $2 bracelet you can support the cause. AND 100% of that goes to MUSC to help fund the cause and treatment of skin cancer.

Making the deal even sweeter is the 20% discount you get on either of the Spa at Charleston Place’s special treatments in honor of the campaign–one’s a facial and the other a massage.

And starting this past week, the Spa has a one of a kind Mary Norton hat on auction to further support the cause. The hat is awarded to the highest bidder on July 4…so hop to it!

“I was really drawn to this campaign and am excited about the opportunity to contribute,” Norton said. “Taking the right steps to protect our skin is a fashionable thing to do, and a wide-brimmed hat protects the face and skin, helping prevent skin cancer and premature aging.”

The campaign runs now through the end of summer, bracelets can be bought from the Spa at Charleston Place and area “I Will Reflect” ambassadors.


June 26, 2008

Timeless Timekeepers

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Do you remember how, in the early 90s, digital watches were all the rage? Everyone at my elementary school simply HAD to wear one of those ridiculous Timex contraptions. Back then, our watches would beep every hour on the hour, and it was actually considered COOL to sport one of those hideous watch tans. But then again, I was raised in Canada, so this could be completely over all of your fabulous Charlestonian heads.

Thing is, hardly anyone uses watches anymore. Instead we depend on our rather undependable cell phones to tell us what time it is. I say we spice it up, fashionistas. Let’s start rocking glamorous watches once again, though not of the digital variety. We can also avoid those grotesque watch-tans by rocking some SPF.

Holy City-ites, we need look no further than our friendly neighborhood Saks Fifth Avenue (on the corner of King and Market, obvi) for some of the most glamorous watches around. From bling-bling expensive to relatively decently priced, Saks has it all, for those hailing from both Mars or Venus. Don’t let the price tags deter you; any of these timeless timekeepers would be a sound investment.

For her:

Cartier’s White Gold Love Watch, $6,100

A bit out of my price range, I’d have to say, but fabulous none the less.

Burberry’s Steel & Leather Watch, $295

A classic and sophisticated watch from one of the UK’s favorite brands.

Gucci’s Signoria Stainless & Gold Watch $2,850

This ticker could easily pass for a sexy bracelet.

Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Ladies Stainless Steel/Leather Watch, $150

A classic and versatile wristwatch that would be appropriate day or night.

For him:

Burberry’s Stainless Watch, $595

Another gem from the classic line. For the stylish man on the go.

D & G by Dolce & Gabanna’s Gents Navajo Watch, $250

Sleek and sophisticated, this watch would go with any outfit.

Zodiac’s Stainless Chronograph Watch, $275

A classic men’s watch I could easily see members of Generation X, Y and Z sporting.

Gucci’s The Pantheon Watch, $1,895

A man who wears this watch would simply be the definition of GQ.


June 20, 2008

Hollywood… in Charleston

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Have you ever watched a movie and fallen completely and utterly in love… with the costumes? Well, if you’re like me, you definitely have. Every time I see a movie with absolutely beatific clothes, I walk away from the theatre with a crush (on the clothes). Some of my favorite movie fashions have come from flicks of the past few years. There’s no reason why Holy City-ites can’t do their part to recreate these classic fashions and make our little corner of the world a bit more Hollywood.

Lust, Caution

This is my new favorite movie. It centers around a group of Chinese drama students in Hong Kong and Shanghai during the Japanese occupation of the late 30s and early 40s who decide to take the resistance into their own hands by plotting to kill a corrupt government official. It is an erotic (seriously) espionage story, love story, whathaveyou. The character of Wong Chia Chi wears the most amazing clothes. She mixes classical Asian pieces with the hottest Western fashions of the time period.

Modern adaptations of the classic fashion pieces can be found easily. By putting a modern twist on these fabulous looks, you can avoid looking like an out of place joke (because, unfortunately, in Charleston, not everyone can rock the Dita von Teese look) and stick with looking like that insanely hip fashionista that you are.

I would love to see this look on the streets on Charleston, though you’d probably have to hold out on the trench until fall. It’s a completely modern twist on several classic elements.


This is certainly a fab movie, though the book is far, far, far better. For those who aren’t familiar with the plot, the story centers around a child’s lie and its consequences. Keira Knightley’s character, Cecilia, dons some of the most amazing fashions in this Academy Award nominated film. Who can forget the infamous green gown that had tongues wagging from all over the fashion world?

Although the gown certainly is amazing, donning such extravagant attire is not common practice in our notoriously laid back town. Another one of Cecilia’s looks could be easily replicated and fit in fabulously in the Holy City.

Any Holy City lady would look stellar if she utilizes pale, neutral tones in this regard. However, on a side note, no one should try to copy the depicted haircut. WIth Charleston’s horrid humidity, well, that’d be a fashion death sentence.

Marie Antoinette

This Sofia Coppola flick centers on the famed title-character we all grew up learning about in history classes (let them eat cake, anyone?). It is one of the most beautiful films in recent history (in my opinion), utilizing 18th century French fashions. Of course, Marie Antoinette was extremely extravagant, with foot-high hair-dos and robust gowns.

To adapt this look to modern times, one must simply grab a feathered headband, a fabulous LBD, a great pair of black pumps and a fab clutch.

Clearly, adapting Hollywood style to the Charleston streets is a relatively easy task. Every fashionista should try her hand at it.


To HCS, With Love

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Photo by David Lev

The Holy City Style belles…and resident male…love feedback. Let us know what you think of HCS, what you would like to see, or what you’re thinking about Charleston style right now!

Comments are love.



8 Things That Mean Summer & How to Use Them

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Love it or hate it, summer is here in Charleston. Below, my favorite summer icons and how to use them…

Laundromat by Demeter Fragrance Library

This is the cleanest scent you’ll ever spritz on your wrist. So light and perfect for summer. Okay, so I started wearing this cologne back in January–but that was just out of spite to winter. Laundromat has that crisp, clean smell of laundry (who would have guessed?) that goes absolutely perfect with all thing summer.

The Flip Flop

The official shoe of summer, perfect for tossing on as your prance down pool or beach side. I allow myself one pair of super cheap rubber flip flops each summer…but this year I bought two since I couldn’t decide between black or brown. I’m not a fan of Wal*Mart but they have the perfect rubber flip flop for only $2.44. You can buy them in store or their website.

The Sun Hat

So effortless glamorous, so effortlessly smart. A well placed sun hat makes you instantly look chic and put together. Plus, you’re being sun savvy…and that counts for something, too. I found this jaunty yellow sun hat on Urban Outfitter’s website for $28.

The Espadrille

The other official shoe of summer. The espadrille dates back to the 14th century, and hasn’t been out of style since. I love this Kate Spade incarnation of the classic. It doesn’t have the iconic woven rope heel, but the woven wicker gives it a sophisticated air. You can find this shoe at Zappos.com

Pink Pedicures

I rarely veer from my usual dark purple piggies (Lincoln Park at Midnight compliments of OPI), but summer time begs for pig toes that can be wiggled in the sand. OPI has an awesome line of beautifully intense colors inspired by India. Check them out on OPI’s website.

The Linen Dress

Minus the wrinkles, it’s perfect. In fact, I think if they could somehow make linen that didn’t wrinkle it would be the super fabric of the world. In its dress incarnation it can effortlessly adapt to office, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, or just lounging by the pool. Bravo linen, bravo.


Spike it with what you want or drink it the old fashioned way (like you did when you were nine and summer just meant a break from school and Popsicles for dessert), lemonade is perhaps the official drink of summer. Tasty!

Iced Tea

The official drink of the South…or so I hear. And as if it couldn’t get better, Firefly Vodka has debuted new Iced Tea vodka. Mix it with a bit of peach flavor and garnish as you want. Heaven in a glass.



June 13, 2008

Say Yes To Neutrals

In a summer gone technicolor, the the neutral accessory is there to remind us that it doesn’t have to be brilliant to be stylish.

This Tod’s clutch (top) would look fabulous with a bright orange tunic and dark (or white) skinny jeans. Actually, I’m salivating a bit at the idea of that outfit. Of course, if Tod’s is a bit out of the budget, there’s also a lovely number by the budget friendly Forever 21–not quite the same look, but could be pulled off in similar styles. These clutches are $525 and $8.80 respectively.

Either of these would be great paired with a bold color. The right is by Elie Tahari via BlueFly and the left from Urban Outfitters. Pair with saucy sundresses, shorts, or linen pants…any way it’s excellent. (They are $159 and $38)

White looks killer when you have a good tan. Both dresses have a good “beachy” feel that would make any stylish Charleston lass happy. Pair these with bright gladiators and a ginormous sun hat (although perhaps not a la Samantha in Sex and the City…unless you’re really daring) and flaunt yourself at Saturday brunch. The dress on the right is by Free People (did you know they’re owned by the same company as Urban Outfitters?) and left is by Forever 21. (Dresses are $139 and $40)

Paired with a super skinny heavy linen pencil skirt and bold shirt (I still have orange on the mind), both of these would look divine. Play with neutrals by pairing them with a grounding color (black, navy, etc.) and a bright color (coral, orange, hot pink)…the contrast between the three is fabulous. The shoe to the right is by Via Spiga and the left is Nine West (they are $250 and $130)

A neutral eye is perfect for summer. My favorite summer eye makeup look is a touch of gold tinted base, with a swish of Clinique eyeshadow in Daybreak plus dark chocolate eyeliner. Really and effortless and neutral look that carries off well in summer. The color pictured above is by M.A.C.

Putting It Together…Pairing Neutrals With Colors

Neutral + Bright colors = instant attention grabber. Use neutrals to your advantage by letting bright colors pop against them.



June 12, 2008

HCS Makes Friends Across The Atlantic

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Brush up on your French (style and language) with Style And The City, a blog straight from the streets of Paris.

c’est magnifique!



Men’s Swimsuits for the Summer

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Dudes! If there is anything that irks my nerves more it is guys who literally traipse about the beaches in trunks that resemble flood pants more than anything else. “But Brian!” you may say, “Those are called ‘board shorts’, my friend.” Yes, sir I am well aware if this, but just because you own a 5’8″ short board and rock the latest Von Zipper shades does not make you the next Kelly Slater.

Thus, this automatically strips you the right to wear said ‘shorts’ any time you feel like. Fear not, there are alternatives to this beachside ‘standard’ that are sure to help you stand out from the crowd-in a good way, might I add:

1. Supplex Sport Shorts, $19.50, LLbean.com

Supplex Short

These shorts are considered ‘multi-purpose’, which is ideal for the more rugged among us. You can practically go from the lake to the trails to the mountains without having to change. This coupled with the elastic waistband-which is how swimsuits should be worn-result in a very slim-looking waistline that does a favor for both you and the opposite sex.

2. Sundek Classic Swimsuit, $120, sundeksurfclassic.com

Sundek Classic

These shorts are the best way to pull off looking like you at least know someone who surfs. Originally started in 1972 out of southern California, Sundek was taken over by an Italian beachwear company. Fortunately, they kept the trademark rainbow stripe intact and allowed for an iconic brand to remain a true original.

3. The Parke & Ronen Swimsuit, $49, parkeandronen.com

Parke & Ronen Suit

One of the more narrow brands out there, the Parke & Ronen swimsuit is perfect for those who have spent their fair share of time in the gym during those long, winter months. It sits squarely on the hips instantly giving the wearer a heightened sense of confidence. These are definitely my favorite of the season.

4. The Bars and Bars Trunk, $20, originalpenguin.com

Original Penguin

Made by the company that is known for its contemporary, ‘skinny-guy’ clothing, Penguin has always been at the forefront of modern, slimmer-fit apparel. These shorts are more or less reserved for those who plan on visiting any European beachfronts this summer. Unfortunately, American men have a real problem getting over the whole wearing-pants-to-the-beach thing.

5. The Thomas Maier Swimsuit, $240, tomasmaier.com

Thomas Maier Suit

A product from the creative director of the luxury Italian brand, Bottega Veneta, this suit is both a work of art and well worth the price tag. All hand-crafted and constructed, the Thomas Maier suit has all the makings of becoming a piece with a very long closet life.


June 8, 2008

Charleston Guide to London Style

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So, I’m spending my summer here in London for an amazing internship at a fashion magazine. Though I work in the editorial department, I recently visited the fashion room to get the low-down on the hottest (quite literally) summer trends of 2008.

“London has a folksy, 70’s-era style that hasn’t changed much in the past few years,” said a fashion assistant, in an attempt to briefly generalize London street style. (Names must remain anonymous for commercial reasons).

Though the weather isn’t quite as smoldering as Charleston—in fact, it’s quite the opposite, as a sunny day in London is as common as a snowy day in the Chuck—there are still many ways to adapt the latest in London style to suit the streets of Charleston. So if you’re looking to add some European flair to your wardrobe this summer, these trendy pieces are sure to go perfectly with any sunny day!

High-waisted shorts:

Find a pair, Top Shop £35

The British pair them with rain boots and an umbrella; but try a simple tank-top, a pair of flip flops, and aviators and you’re ready for a stroll around town in style. Even though this fab pair is from Topshop, you can find high-waisted shorts in just about any US apparel store.

Gladiator Sandals:

Find a pair, Steve Madden $89.95

These sandals are a summer must-have for two reasons: 1. They’re versatile—wear them with shorts, a sundress, a bikini. 2. They’re flat! As anyone in Charleston or London will tell you, heels are a no-go when you’re walking everywhere. But, with the straps rising above the ankle, you’ll still get the lengthening effect that accentuates those golden legs!

School-boy blazer

Find it, J Crew $150

The most stylish way to warm up during chilly evenings spent at Folly, IOP, or Sullivan’s. (Though in London you’re likely to these sporty-coats on anyone in the middle of the day—we all know it’s probably not practical for Charleston).

White linen

Men’s Linen Cap, Urban Outfitters $28

According to my fashion friends, white linen is the biggest fabric of the summer for men and women, be it jackets, dresses, trousers, or accessories. This linen cap for men is a personal favorite, for any guy looking to trend-up the traditional ironic-t-shirt/jeans/rainbows ensemble.

Boot-cut flairs

Find a pair, Gap $49.50

Once again, the boot-cut is back for men as well as women. The main reason: high style, low maintenance. 12 p.m. – Pair with flops and bikini top for the beach. 5 p.m. — Pair with sandals and a tank for happy hour. 8 p.m. – Pair with strappy stilettos and a satin blouse for a night on the town.

Head scarves

Find one, Juicy Couture via Saks Fifth Avenue $35

All the rage in London right now, head scarves were on in the early 2000’s with the Olsen twin’s bohemian craze, and have disappeared for a while. Nevertheless, head scarves are quite a useful way of turning a horrible hair situation into a great outfit! Personal suggestion: pair with over-sized shades!

Harem pants

Find a pair, Urbanoutfitters.co.uk £52.00

When my fashionable co-workers told me to list Harem pants, my immediate response was, “ha- what?” “Jasmine from Aladdin,” she explained. I laughed a little, then wrote it down.

Quite interestingly, these pants accentuate the hips, perfect for those fortunate twiggy-types that have none. It seems they also haven’t caught on yet in the states, I found this pair at Urban Outfitters, UK, but they weren’t even on the US website. We all know what that means—next summer King Street will be flooded with them!


Find it, Banana Republic, $78

From tops, to wallets, purses, or belts, anything embroidered should be included in this summer’s wardrobe. Embroidery is a large part of that classic, folksy London style. If you’re having trouble tracking down things you like, don’t forget you can also have your favorite pieces custom embroidered. There are more than 10 places in the Charleston area if you consult Google.

Charity shops in London are as common as Starbuck’s in Charleston—you’re likely to find three within a three-block radius. If you’re looking to add a unique touch to any outfit, it’s always a good idea to spend some time browsing through a thrift store before you pay 700% more for the ”brand-new vintage” effect at Urban Outfitters.

Although, when the wrong people start buying retro, or the right people buy too much, the result can be a fashion disaster. What should you always avoid? The fashion experts I spoke with suggested not to let the 80’s throwback go too far. While denim jackets and over-the-shoulder tops are pieces you’ll want to snatch up, try to avoid bright, unusual colors. It’s a good idea to limit your selections to natural colors, so you won’t leave with a bag full of pieces you’ll regret later. But as always, trust your own style-instinct. If you find something unique that you l’adore instantly, run with it!

-Melanie Caduhada

June 6, 2008

Quote of the Moment

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photo by jess.moo7

“I do hope that some day I shall have a white dress. That is my highest ideal of earthly bliss.” – Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

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