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October 7, 2008

Notes on Mishchief

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My name is Caroline and I once again disappeared from the blogosphere. There’s a (slightly) good reason though. Being a senior in college is a bit of a time commitment..you know? Anyway, I’m working on a new blog (yey!) so sit tight for just a little while longer. This is gunna be rad babycakes.



September 7, 2008

Abaeté, Lela Rose, and Alice+Olivia Design for Payless

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Alice+Olivia (top), Lela Rose (left), Abaeté (right)

Chalk up another low-cost fashion source deciding to bless the masses with high end style. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Payless Shoe Source’s designer collections which feature the likes of high-end designers Abaeté, Lela Rose, and Alice+Olivia.

Even cooler is that these shoes will be gracing the spring inspired runways of New York Fashion Week.

Everything I’ve spotted from these collections on Payless’ website cashes in for less than $55.

NY Fashion Week Highlight – Rag and Bone Video

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I like the look of their Spring 09 collection, very industrial but has a nice allure to it. Check out the video from New York Magazine.

September 6, 2008

NY Fashion Week Highlight – Erin Fetherston

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I am loving Erin Fetherston‘s Spring 2009 collection. So clean, so elegant, so fun. Images from New York Magazine.

HCS Review: Masculin féminin

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Nothing says hurricane like champagne, carrots, and French New Wave cinema.

I need to admit something.

I’m not one for movies you have to think about—I like the kind that let you escape into something much more fantastic that your current reality. The kind that end happily with the characters and plot all tied up in a big pretty bow.

Masculin féminin is not my kind of movie.

So perhaps it was last night’s company, or the three bottles of wine, or the threat of a particularly horrendous storm that made me so genuinely enjoy a movie that is so genuinely not my style.

Masculin féminin comes to us from French filmmaker Jean Luc Godard, a champion of New Wave cinema. The plot centers upon Paul—a disillusioned youth fresh out of the French army and filled with ideas of sex and politics. He encounters Madeleine, a strikingly beautiful young woman with whom he hopelessly falls for…sort of.

It’s not so much the basic plot that’s important here; it’s everything around that plot. The film is filled with non-sequiturs too numerous to count, sideways comments on French culture circa the 1960’s, and contrasting cinematic perspectives.

Entire scenes are shot on just one person, giving the audience an alarmingly intimate view of the conversation. While others contain superfluous characters, comments, actions, and open-ended statements begging for the audience’s own interpretation.

Masculin féminin is not the kind of film you can passively watch, it engages and begs the audience to wrap their minds around what appears on the screen. And if you’re up for it, I say give it a go.

September 5, 2008

What to Wear for Fall

Charleston isn’t exactly known for it’s crisp fall weather…but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the trends anyway.

The Palette:

Think warm tones. Mix burnt oranges, emerald greens, deep inky purples, golden yellows, and luxurious chocolates in with your wardrobe staples.

The Prints:

Plaid is in this season, but not in the “grunge rock a la 1992” incarnation. Plaid is a tricky beast. It can as easily look chic and put together as it can look like you crawled out of Kurt Cobain’s posthumous reject pile. Look for this print in its more tailored form, like this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress to the right.

Ombre is back again this season, and I’ll admit that I’m liking it a little more in its fall colors. Ombre feels a bit like refined tie-dye, and when pulled off well it can be pulled off very well. I really like the look Costello Tagliapietra gave us in the Fall 2008 collection (pictured left). This look demonstrates that ombre is a pattern in subtle doses. The colors are beautiful together as well.

Florals are also back for another season, although I can’t quite recall if they ever left since 1988. Anyway.

Look for large florals in your fall palate. I would say don’t go overboard with this pattern, but I just found that Erin Fetherston to the right and am smitten. Go all out, why not.

The Silhouette:

I feel like this is going to be a season where just about anything goes—super feminine, free flowing bohemian, super masculine (almost androgynous!) lines, and just about anything else you can think of. I’m not entirely applauding the fact that bohemian has decided to rear it’s fringed head again…then again, worse trends could make a re-debut (i.e. Uggs). I digress.

The maxi dress is a go again this season, which is a godsend since this is by far the most comfortable style send to us from above. And while you might not wear the Oscar de La Renta style picture to the left, it’s a nice thought.

Have fun with your lines this season. I love the idea of pairing a structured pencil skirt with a super slouchy top. Get creative.


Sorry to your piggies, but pointy is in again. Really, I do apologize.

Shoes have gone rather eclectic this season. Which I’m rather excited about.

Ankle boots make an appearance for fall. The idea of these in deep fall colors is a nice one.  I’m havinga little trouble with another trend though. Hybrids appear to not be for just automotives any more…some ankle boots are dancing on the border of thinking they are shoes. And thus was born the shoe/boot. Kind of like that awkward adolescent stage for a shoe, I suppose. The shoe pictured to the right is by Rupert Sanderson.

And don’t worry, those gladiators you hold so close to your heart are still in. Sleep assured.

A Trend to Think Twice About:

Designers must just be missing Harry Potter. I’m at a loss for any other reason to dress like a witch. But hey, to each their own. I’ll write it off as avante guarde. The above look is by Luella.

I’m Not Saying I’m Famous…

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Hotter Now by you-did

…But this made me snort sugar-free Redbull at 9:30 this morning.

Nifty Things

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Note: Nifty Things is a periodical collection for items of interest. Add yours and see what happens!

Walking in the Rain by *clarity*

A few things to amuse you and photos in honor of Ms. Hanna-Banana

College of Charleston Student Media’s coverage of Hurricane Watch ’08.

Gala Darling’s Five Fabulous Secret Beauty Weapons.

David Heiser‘s review of the Richard Blaise tasting dinner at McCrady’s.

The Cut’s review of Wednesday night’s episode of Project Runway (which I’m finally watching!).

The Winning Look

This girl has a shoe collection to make you cry.

By the way, if you’re not subscribed to New York Magazine’s The Cut…do it now.

I rather like this tote.

Seinfeld, paradoxal intention, and how to get over anxiety.

Lifetime premiers Coco Chanel this Saturday. I wish I had TiVo!

I like what HP is doing with their packaging, bravo to them!

A Softer World sometimes makes me giggle…lesbian dinosaurs, teehee.

Umbrellas by Pavlos Pavlidis

September 3, 2008

Jan Leslie Cufflinks

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I can’t think of a more perfect set of cufflinks, than a pair of blue turtles.

I am now Jan Leslie’s biggest fan.

See more here.

September 2, 2008

Notes: 09.01.08

I spent my Sunday evening tucked smackdab (don’t you love that word?) between my two favorite Charleston bloggers, Brian of DubiousOne and David Heiser of DH is Good, reveling in the Richard Blaise tasting dinner at McCrady’s.

The entire experience can be summed up in two very elloquent, very ladylike words: effing brilliant. Eleven courses of perhaps the most interesting cullinary compositions I’ve yet to see. By far my favorite dish of the night was the fois gras “rocks” served with pancakes, maple, and figs. A most disarming combination of flavors and I’ll never eat pancakes without fois gras again.

Also, not to be forgotten, was the green tomato gazpacho served in a soup can…which another guest at the table and I promptly pocketed after dinner. The cans, not the soup. How brilliant.

I’ll have a full review soon, with pictures.

In other news, I’m formulating a list of Fall must haves. They include…

1. Skull Cufflinks

I’m in a French cuff phase right now. There is something so incredibly chic and put together about this look. I do like the look of a simple cufflink, but think a whimsical touch couldn’t be more perfect.

I’m picturing these with a crisp white shirt, and red pencil skirt paired with silver gladiator wedges. However, the ones pictured above are a cool $395, so I believe I’ll be looking for the bargain route.

2. Suspenders

This must be a men’s wear phase I’m going through, but I would love to have a pair of suspenders. Paired with an oxford and fitted tshirt over dark wash jeans and I might just be in love. Or perhaps a skirt? dress shorts? Too many options to count.

I also love the combination pictured to the right (compliments to loou on Flickr). Huge fan of the ankle boots, and is that a feathered headband I spot in the subject’s hair? I think so!

3. Cocktail Rings

I’ve gotten a little lazy about wearing jewelry lately. And by lazy I mean not wearing it at all. This season…no more! I am on the hunt for interesting…and sparkly…baubles for my fingers. Loving this foxhead ring which can be found for $300 here. But I suppose once again I’ll be looking for the affordable version. And so the search continues…

4. Ankle Boots

I’m giving in. I will no longer accept my disdain for ankle boots. Loving this pair from Forever 21 (and at $25, how could you not?). They remind me an awful lot of

the pair I saw on the Madewell website. Has Forever 21’s style swiping struck again?

I suspect so, but love it regardless.

5. Diana Camera

Mmmm. Pretty. Not practical, but pretty. Plus you get pictures that turn out looking like this and this.

2am ramblings are not for the feeble minded. Off to bed, love always.

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