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July 17, 2008

Charmed, And For A Cause

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**Links are working now! xxx Caroline**

What happens when a fashionista racks up a staggering amount of student loans?

She get’s crafty.

Or at least that’s what New Orleans born fashion designer Ashley Heathcock did upon acquiring over $140,000 in student loans after graduating from AIU London in 2005. Shortly after graduating and returning to the United States, Heathcock realized her student loan payments might keep her from aspirations to be a designer.

But the fashion savvy are always clever.

While working a 50 hour a week job as manager of a European clothing store in Austin, TX Heathcock was inspired to create and sell whimsical charms as a way to pay off her loans.

Initially Heathcock sold her charms just on the side. But then she made to decision to go large scale with Charms for Charity.

“[A friend and I] put together a rough business plan and got the idea that we could use some of the proceeds as a way to help raise money for various charity projects AND still help me pay off my student loans faster than expected,” –Ashley Heathcock

Three-dollars of every sale goes to charity. And with a goal of raising $1000 for each selected charity…it’s no small gesture.

And the charms aren’t your run of the mill soccer mom deal. They’re whimsical, chic, and perfect to effortlessly toss on with any outfit. Currently, Heathcock sells over 30 different designs of bracelets and chokers on her website ranging from birds, to classic cameos, to octopuses. And they’re all under $20.

Support Ashley Heathcock’s cause by visiting www.mycharmsforcharity.com.


July 16, 2008

When Bad Things Happen To Bags

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I am not at all a fan of Louis Vuitton, so perhaps my opinion on all this is a bit tainted.

That disclaimer out of the way, Louis’ collaboration with Comme des Garcons is what happens when designer handbags are genetically altered in a petri dish…they grow strange handle appendages.

I find the plume of handles on the signature bag not only aethetically displeasing, but a pain in the well-dressed ass. Imagine trying to toss this bad-boy on your shoulder, only to be poked by the television antena handles.

The bag does lend itself to a certain avant-garde, haute couture vibe…but I’m just not feeling it.

Perhaps it’s my disdain for the signature LV logo emblazoned across so many of their leather goods, or perhaps its the afore mentioned mutant handles. Either way, I will not be lining up in Tokyo Sept. 4 when the bag goes on sale.



July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

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And now, a moment of shameless self celebration.

It’s my birthday! I demand that everyone celebrate.

That’s an order.



July 10, 2008

Like Coke for the Fashion Addict

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I was recently invited to LookBook.nu a collection of people who post outfits and recieve feedback from others.

Absolutely the most addicting website since MySpace four years ago. I’m hooked.

Spend five minutes or over an hour (not that I’ve done that…) weaving through different ensembles from people across the world. It’s a growing community of the style savvy, and a magnificent means of gaining fashion inspiration.

Definitely worth checking out.

July 8, 2008

Nancy Koltes at Home Warehouse Sale

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With a sale this good, any girl might consider refeathering her nest!

From July 10-August 10 Nancy Koltes at Home is having a magnificent warehouse sale. Snag exquisite bedroom linens, plush bath towels, and home decor accessories up to 80% their original prices.

For a taste of what’s going to be on sale, see below…

Sensations Bedding – 50% off
Full Queen are normally $399 and will be $199
Shams are normally $150 will be $75

Acanthus – 35% off (see above image, right)
Full Queen Duvet was normally $170 and will now be $100
Continental Shams are normally $81 and will now be $55

Ikabana Towels (see above image, left) – 50% off
Normally $138 for a bath sheet – are now $69
Bath Towel – normally 68 will be $34

Dot Embroidery – 25% off
Full Queen Duvet is normally $175 will now be on sale for $130
Sham is normally $68 is now $49.99

Hotel Sheet Sets – 50% off
Sheet Set is Queen is normally $300 and will be $149.99

What’s the Verdict?

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Selma Blair wearing a catsuit to the premier of Hellboy II. I adore it–the ensemble not the movie.

Think this a look that could be pulled off in Charleston?

We’ll see.

Gracefully Donning Skulls

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“I secretly have an affection for skulls. But I’m not sure how I can incorporate it in my style without looking too hard. Any ideas?”

I am so happy someone asked this, as I was just thinking of ways I could do this just the other day. Wearing skull graphics may sound a bit morbid, but they’re fun fashion item to play with and add to your style.

Scarf – Ed Hardy, $70

A scarf is a good way to add just a touch of the skull graphic without toeing the line of hardcore biker fashionista. Wear it draped around your neck with a pink tank top, tied to your handbag, or as a headscarf.

The skulls on this Ed Hardy number really play against the femininity of the silk material and pink and cream color combination.

I would wear this with a pair of grey highwaisted skinny jeans, a pale pink tanktop, and fadora. Perhaps with a delicate pink flat.

Ring – Eternal Sparkles, $37

This ring feels like a nice surprise if you’re trying to incorporate a skull into your style. It’s an unexpected touch that is neither overwhelming nor understated. You could pair this with almost anything–from casual attire to a cocktail dress. In fact, I think this might be a fun accessory to pair with a dress a la Betsey Johnson. Viola!

Cardigan – Betsey Johnson, $200

Speaking of Betsey Johnson…she’s always a good source for inspiration on making “harder looks” look perfectly do-able. The thought of a sweater…even if it is mascaraing about calling itself a cardigan…may make you a bit nauseous considering the Charleston heat and humidity, but come fall this would be an awesome piece to pair with a usually “preppy” look.

I would pair this cardigan with a pair of trouser fit jeans, rich tuxedo cut button down, and lots of fun necklaces. Perfect for class or dashing about town…but perhaps not until mid-October.

Extras For the Pros…wearing skulls without looking like the Prima Dona at the biker ball

Look 1 – Over-the-Top Evening

This is not for the bashful…but I would love to see something along these lines strutting the streets of Charleston one evening. The skulls are just a nice accent with an all around over-the-top outfit. You might have to take a big dose of courage to pull of a bathing suit as a top. I’m also loving the black feather hairpiece – it would look perfect with a very chic chingnon.

Look 2 – Daytime

A good day look for dashing about Charleston accomplishing all the day’s challenges. This outfit pulls together three looks I’m quickly growing very fond of–fedoras, suspenders, and (yes) the skull scarf. The turquoise gladiator inspired sandal is a nice touch.

Look 3 – Skulls at the Office

Now proving that you can sneak a skull into any outfit. The rest of the outfit is demure enough that they skull necklace is a pit of a surprise. The other metalic pieces (bag, bracelet, shoes) make the necklace  seamlessly blend into the rest of the outfit. Bravo!

Send your questions to ccmillard@gmail.com (yeh, yeh…HCS needs its own email, I know)…for the HCS writers to answer. We’re just itching to give our opinions.



July 3, 2008

More fab Couture highlights

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For your viewing pleasure, I now present the second part of our Haute Couture chronicles.


Christian Lacroix

Elie Saab


John Paul Gaultier


July 2, 2008

The fab Couture shows, thus far.

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It’s the most FABULOUS time of the year once again: Couture season. Fashionistas across the world are all basking in the fact that Earth’s most prolific designers are debuting their newest Haute Couture lines.

This, dear Holy City-ites, is all that matters right now. The orgasmic Couture shows are literally the most important fashion events. So drop everything, sit tight, and take a look at some of the highlights thus far.

Alexis Mabille

Anne Valerie Hash

Armani Prive

Christian Dior

xox, Lisa

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