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February 24, 2008

Thrifty Chic : Shaking the Rainy Day Fashion Blahs.

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Reflections In The Rain
compliments of soartsyithurts
You wake up fifteen minutes before your first class only to realize it’s raining outside…again…for the third day in a row. By this point you’re so disgusted with the weather that you seriously contemplate stuffing your CofC sweatpants into your rain boots, throwing on a hoodie, and calling it a day.

Oh hell no.

Apple Rows Rain Boots in Red

Rainy days are some of the best days to let your style shine. Just because the sky is cloudy and gray doesn’t mean your style should match. Start with shoes, rain boots are a no brainer and Charlestonians seem to be pros at picking out fabulously colorful rain boots. Nevertheless, if you find your wellies bit lacking, Target.com has 58 deliciously stylish rain boots all under $20.

Jeans are a popular choice to tuck into rain boots, but why not mix it up a bit and go for a pair of bright tights to compliment your boots instead. I recently stumbled upon welovecolors.com which is absolutely a mecca of brightly colored tights in every size and variety.

Tasty Orange Tights

A rainy day is the perfect day to sport a sundress, if for no reason but to remind yourself that the sun will appear again! Forever21.com has a plethora of pretty dress for a tiny price, or you could just pull one out of your closet. Top your dress with a light sweater to keep the wet chill from sinking in. Trenches are also great for rainy days, light enough that you don’t get too hot walking across campus but waterproof to keep those raindrops at bay. Pick a trench to compliment your sundress of choice and splash out in style.

H81 Stripe Sweater Dress & z.b.d. Designs Cardigan
$20 & $7
Forever21 & Walmart.com

Hair is forever a problem on rainy days. If you have long enough hair, pigtail braids look adorable and keep your hair tamed. If you are like me, though, and have short hair that refuses to do anything acceptable when the humidity spikes, work up the courage to wear a turban. Seriously, there is nothing chicer. Find a brightly colored scarf and tie those tresses up!

Light ‘n Go ‘Brella with Flashlight

Finally, top your look with an umbrella. Here, is where you might sacrifice style for function, as your very cute and dainty umbrella won’t do much good when the wrath of a Charleston thunderstorm bears down on you. Go for a sturdy umbrella that won’t back down to the wind tunnel that is Calhoun St. during a storm. Totes makes pocket umbrellas (the ones that fold down and can fit in your bag) that sell for about $22, they’re sturdy and get the job done.

So next time it rains, don’t back down. Flaunt your best and don’t forget to do a little puddle stomping in the street!

Extras for the Pros…putting it together & how to tie a turban

Gala from galadarling.com on how to tie a simple turban

A different spin on rainy day blues…


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