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March 31, 2008

Adapting Charleston Fashion Week 2008

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Sit tight…Biology class calls (more pictures to follow)…

Some—okay most—of the styles strutted down the runway of Charleston’s Fashion Week were far beyond the average college student budget. But that doesn’t mean you can take inspiration and adapt it to something obtainable for your budget. Below, five fashion week trends to make Charleston Fashion Week your own.

1. The White Jean: A staple among most of the more modern stores—from II Brunnettes to Hampden to Biton. Now while you might not be able to afford the ones seen on the runway, many more affordable stores carry this Spring 2008 staple. White jeans are a ticket to instant style—update your spring look in a snap with this essential look.

Piqué Cross-Front Jumper
American Apparrel

2. The Jumper: No more is the jumper reserved for children on the playground, as fashion week showed us. Models paraded in jumpers inspired by every style imaginable. Dress your own up or down any way you like, from athletic (with cute tennis shoes and sweatbands) to safari (with natural jewelry and espadrilles).

3. The Long Dress (aka The Maxi Dress): Nothing is so effortless, and so chic. Long dresses were abundant on the Marion Square runway, and fortunately enough for you…abundant in most stores this season. Whether you stomp this style with the long, flowy version or with a more structured style, this trend is easily adaptable.
4. The Short Short: Shorts don’t just stop at denim…as fashion week 2008 illustrated—and vibrantly at that. Branch out into any number of colors and patterns. Skip pairing your shorts with just the average flip-flop, and channel your inner model by sporting them with heels, wedges, or—if you dare—boots.

Forever 21

5. Yellow: The color of sunflowers, lemonade, and Charleston Fashion Week 2008. Add a splash of this color to your outfit for an instant dash of fashion. Designers—and trendy crowd members alike—flashed this look in total radiance. Yellow is a color that for the most part looks good on anyone, so rock it in any way you dare. For just a splash of color add a yellow belt, purse, or headband to your look. Step the look up with a cheery yellow sundress or blouse. Any way you sport it, the color yellow will perk you up for a Charleston spring.


March 30, 2008

Join The Team

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Calling all fashionistas and style loving gentlemen…want to join the HCS team as a writer?

Drop a line to ccmillard@gmail.com and get on the Holy City Style team of style savy authors.

What To Wear…Summer Music Festivals

Summer music festival season is almost here. And standing outside in sweltering heat, swaying to the sounds of your favorite artist is no excuse to not look fabulous. You didn’t think I’d would let you off the hook that easy…did you?

Coachella: April 25-27 (Indio, California)

Why this outfit rocks…
Coachella is three days of the artsy-indie crowd rocking out in the dessert of California. It’s hot and there’s very little shade. The linen shorts will keep you much cooler than heavy denim, and paired with a long-sleeved, light cotton shirt, you’ll avoid a nasty sunburn. A linen sundress is also a good move, especially in this eclectic pattern. Pair both outfits with chic gladiator sandals (the one’s pictured above are by Alloy and cost only $24 so you won’t cry to hard when you throw them away at the end of the week). A messenger bag is a must for any music festival, since you’ll be toting your accouterments all day—including a water bottle (who wants to wait in a water line?) and some bright shades. Top the outfit with a wide brimmed sunhat.

Warped Tour: April 11-August 17 (Traveling)

Why This Outfit Rocks…
Warped Tour started as a conglomerate of unsigned, mostly punk rock artists, and evolved into the mashup of hardcore, emo, and otherwise indie festival we know today. It’s a traveling tour, but wherever they dock you can be sure to find intense heat. Lightweight denim shorts are perfect paired with a graphic t-shirt. Skip the usual undies and go for a bathing suit—then, during the heat of the day you can peel of your shirt and still be comfortable. This Charlotte Ruse number features a leaf and skull print perfect for the Warped Tour crowd. Skip lugging a totebag to any music festival, you don’t want to constantly have something rubbing against your shoulder. Again, a messenger bag is an arms free must, but since Warped Tour is just a one day per location festival a downsize is in order. This orange number by American Eagle is just big enough to hold your water bottle and blue sunglasses from fredflare.com. Finish the outfit with a pair of jellies.

Bonnaroo: June12-15 (Manchester, TN)

Why This Outfit Rocks…
It always rains at Bonnaroo, don’t go unprepared. These green shorts paired with a silly graphic t-shirt are a fun touch sure to start a conversation around the campsite. Tried and true Bonnaroo fans swear by bringing your most broken in tennis shoes—some say Croqs, but there is never an appropriate time for those. Also bring a pair of rubber rain boots, since there is nothing more miserable that wet tennis shoes and Bonnaroo is notoriously muddy. A sunhat is once again a must; bring one that is collapsible so you can stuff it in your trusty messenger bag. Bring plenty of water, and you might want to invest in multiple Nalgene bottles (you know they’re indestructible). Of course, sunglasses pull the look together.

So…what are you packing?

March 28, 2008

Things I Want For Spring…

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For the record…should you want to donate to the cause, you may send any of these items to…

Caroline Millard c/o CofCRadio
172 Calhoun St.
Charleston, SC 29401

7 For All Mankind Canvas Tote
Following in the yellow trend, this bag makes makes me drool. Perfect for flitting around Charleston during the day. Is it bad that I’m already planning outfits around a bag I don’t own?

White Jeans
Perhaps not these jeans by Radcliffe Denim, but after seeing the multitude of white denim on the runway last night..I’m resolved that I must have a pair.

Feather Headband
I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll end up making a feather adorned headband rather than buying…but I just adore the way this looks. I must, I must.

Speaking of Headbands…
I’ve always secrectly wanted one of these headbands, and I’m loving the one Free People makes. I’ve seen a few headbands in this style popping up across Charleston, and quite frankly I’m impressed.

I’ll add a bit more later, for now…I’m off to search for more must haves

Thursday Night – Charleston Fashion Week

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Well, it’s not New York…but Charleston Fashion Week has promise.

I arrived at Thursday night’s edition of Charleston Fashion Week at 6:45 p.m. about half an hour before the first scheduled show. After receiving my press pass from one of the two most un-helpful volunteers in the world, I settled into front row of the General Admission—a.k.a peasant—side of the runway.

I seemed to have forgotten how uninspired some Charleston fashions can be. Yet tonight, amid the obvious there seemed to be a ray of hope among the crowd. Several dashes of bright yellow, and one sighting of a delightful hat featuring one very long, black feather.

Goga presented first for the night, and generally, I was impressed. The collection started with neutral tones and progressed to richer, more vibrant colors. Although it all ended with a puffy orange and beige dress that reminded me a bit of a craft project I did in middle school. I’ll be interested to hear other’s reactions to the garment…but mine was overwhelmingly fighting the urge to cry. Prevalent among Goga’s collection, though, were lots of long, flowy dresses that I know we’ll be seeing lots of as the season progresses.

II Brunettes surprised me. I was pleasantly shocked to see the paring of shorts with boots, and more shots of bright yellow—a trend that is most definitely here for spring. Also following the spring fashion trends was the appearance of white jeans and jumpers…two looks II Brunettes pieced together quite well.

Perhaps my biggest let down of the night was LulaKate, a store I had genuinely been looking forward to. There was nothing in this collection that showed anything different from their last collection…or perhaps the one before that, too. What I did see was a myriad of predictable styles and patterns paired with really, really, bad hair. The collection ended in a wedding dress that looked a bit last minute—the fabric didn’t hang correctly on the model, nor did the pattern match up on the seams.

Hampden, though, offered what Charleston Fashion Week should be about. There’s a reason this store has been feature in Vogue, and that’s because of their avant-guarde and modern approach to style. Gone was any homage to typical Charleston style, and very much prevalent were plays on classic looks with a modern twist. Finally, CFW has got some edge. Hampden sent a couple of masculine inspired looks down the runway, ranging from a rather boxy—but surprisingly chic—looking blazer on one model to an updated tuxedo style outfit on another. The jumper made another appearance in the Hampden collection, this time taking a sporty twist that I hope makes it to the streets of Charleston.

March 26, 2008

Converse Taking (Red) to the Next Level

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 Submitted by Evan Witten, found on www.sneakerfreaker.com

Converse’s 1HUND(RED) Artists is a year long global project to support Converse’s long-term partnership with (PRODUCT) RED and commemorate the brands 100th anniversary celebration in 2008.

One hundred artists from all over the world have been given the opportunity to show their creativity and to design a Converse product to celebrate culture and support The Global Fund. 10% of the net wholesale price of the artist collaborated shoes goes towards the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. To taste a few of the styles that are being released, Sneaker Freaker, (sneakerfreaker.com) has given bio’s on three of the one hundred artists and will keep releasing shoes as they are designed

First off is artist number 30, who goes by Jeremyville. He hails from Australia and started off as a cartoon artist for a local Sydney newspaper. Speaking about his design submission for Converse 1HUND(RED) Artists, he says, “I wanted this to be a shoe design that my friends and I would personally wear. I see this design worn with a pair of tight black jeans, vintage t-shirt and a pair of old 70s blended sunglasses. I kept that final mental image in mind throughout the design process.” He is definitely loyal to the brand, “I’ve worn Chuck Taylor All Star high-top shoes since the age of about 13. My current pair is more a collection of paint splatters than an actual shoe. I think the paint is holding the shoe together.” Jeremyville is also the author of “Vinyl Will Kill,” a book on designer toys, such as Kid Robot, and “Jeremyville Sessions,” published by IdN, a study in collaborative art with over 300 artists and companies. He gives credit to those who care such as this collection of artists, “There’s nothing as powerful as a group of respected artists banding together with a credible company to make stuff happen. I can’t wait to see the results. I’m really proud to be invited to be a part of it.”


Jeremyville's (red)

The next artist is artist number 38 who goes by the Global Creative Director of Converse Footwear, Scott Patt has over 11 years of design experience working for some of the top footwear and fashion and athletic companies in America. Beyond his achievements in commercial design, he is an artist who has been featured in exhibits in cities around the world from San Francisco to Tokyo. “I spend a lot of my time thinking about ways in which we connect to one another, the ways we link or not, our literal and figurative ‘footprint’ and the stories we craft along the way.” For Patt’s design, he created circular patterns radiating from the Chuck Taylor All Star ankle patch to symbolize energy transcending through the masses to create change. “I imagine it like in the old cartoon where the character would send out his sonar beacon to all the animals of the sea when he needed help.” The multitudes of colors represent the diversity of people connected to the (RED) initiative but also the many colors in which people see the world. And about his design inspirations, Patt added, “I love the idea of all of us working to make it to tomorrow and how we are all connected to one another within our collective daily walk. Its how we do it that inspires me.”

Artist #12, Dr. Romanelli aka Dr. X is a self-styled, self-taught designer grew up in Los Angeles and describes his approach to design as a “cut-and-paste” method, ripping apart vintage fabrics and throwing them back together again in new and unexpected ways and styles, the “Frankenstein of fashion” as he put it. “I’ve always liked the idea of taking something apart and putting it back together,” he said. His pseudonyms “Dr. Romanelli” and “DRx” were born of the studio’s methodology, with the majority of his design ideas and inspiration coming from vintage garments. Hence, the “Dr.” component of his alter ego as the “doctor of cloth.” As a professional multi-tasker, he thrives on the “infectious electricity” created by the many projects that go on simultaneously in his studio. Regarding his design submission for the Converse 1HUND(RED) Artists project, he explained, “I wanted to create a visual image that was representative of the healing process. The idea of using adhesive bandages was to illustrate protection and to symbolize hope for a cure.”

Converse 1HUND(RED) Artist # 4 brings something completely different to the table with this collection. An industrial trained designer Umbereen Qureshi usually designs cars having worked on auto projects for major auto makers including various concept cars, show cars and interiors. She describes her involvement in Converse 1HUND(RED) Artists as “…a great honor. A chance to use design and the thought process behind the chosen styling to convey an important message.” Her design submission for the project features a repeated image of Africa on a black on black chuck with red piping. “The repetition of the African continent was to inspire a continual thought” she explained. “Too often we look at something that inspires a thought or feeling only to turn the page or change the channel and file the thought away in our subconscious, never to resurface again. We’re taught in school that if we want to remember something, we should constantly repeat it…the key element is the repetition.” She speaks on the power of art saying, “I believe artists have an incredible skill to create work that can communicate something; so many different mediums with so many different voices. Sometimes it takes more than words to convey a thought, and artists have the ability to harness that universal language and use it to speak to everyone.” The universality of the AIDS epidemic, within and beyond the African continent, holds particular urgency for Umbereen. “There is no such thing as an ‘African’ crisis or any other country or ethnicity,” she says. “We’re all human beings, and when one of us suffers as a result of a global epidemic somewhere in the world, then all humanity suffers as well.”

Source: http://www.sneakerfreaker.com

Best Hot Weather Makeup

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It’s coming.

That ungodly heat that arrives around May and lasts until mid-October.

You might have forgotten the feeling. The one where you step out your door and get hit by a wave of heat and humidity. Instantly your face starts melting, and you fight the urge to retreat into the cool confines of your apartment.

Don’t let the summer heat beat you…or your makeup…I offer these tips for summertime face care.

1. Wash Your Face. 24 hours of constant sweating means clogged pores and irritated skin. Wash your face morning and evening to remove the day’s collection of pollutants. Until recently, I lived, breathed, and died Clinique face wash. Then I realized the main ingredient used in most of their acne preventing products is the exact same as that in its cheaper cousins. Currently, I’m loving Olay’s Clarify & Cleanse Daily Scrub which is a steal at only about $5.

2. Tone Up. Toning is something I think too many people leave out of their face care regimen. A quick swish of toner across your face will tighten pores, and help combat overly dry and overly oily skin. Especially during the summer, toner also helps to exfoliate away any access dirt or oil on your face that your cleanser missed. I still swear by Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion which, for a big bottle that lasts about a year, will only set you back $19.

3. Moisturize. Even when the temperature is 97* with 100% humidity (which it will be) you must moisturize. It’ll help your skin stay healthy and happy all through the day. Again, I still love Clinique’s oil-free Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for $23.

4. Foundations. I blame my addiction to wearing foundation to years of showing horses where it’s something you have to do. Heavy foundations are a pain in the summer, and I recently made the switch from liquid foundation to Maybelline Mineral Power foundations. Following the trend set but much more expensive mineral makeups, Maybelline’s is just as good as much less expensive. This kind of foundation is great for summer because of its light weight and even coverage that won’t melt in the heat and certainly won’t melt your wallet at only $8.99.

5. Powder Power. If this is the only make up you wear, 9 times out of 10 you’re golden. A quick swish of translucent powder over your face will keep oil to a minimum and give your face a polished and put together look. I think powder is a personal preference that varies from person to person. Also, at least in my experience, brand doesn’t matter much unless your face is super sensitive. Currently, I’m using Maybelline’s Mineral Power powder.

6. All About Eyes. No matter how hot it gets, I just can’t will myself to get away from eye make up. However, for daytime summer makeup, I usually leave the vivid eye shadows off. Clinique makes an awesome eye color called Daybreak, it’s a neutral with just a little bit of shimmer and perfect for summer days. Off the Clinique website, it’s a bit expensive at $14 but Tanger Outlets has a cosmetic outlet store where you can snag it for about $10. Eyeliner can be a bit of a hassle during the summer, and I go for a rich chocolate brown under my eyes for just a bit of daytime drama. Like with powder, I really can’t tell a difference between the more expensive mascaras and the run-of-the-mill drug store brands. Waterproof mascara of any variety is a good move during the summer to keep it from melting into your eyes. iVillage rates Avon’s Wash Off Waterproof Mascara #1 with products from Max Factor, Cover Girl, and Maybelline following shortly behind.

7. Bronze Beauty. Bronzer a must for summer. A huge beauty trend at the moment is just a touch of bronzer brushed across the eye lids, and of course the timeless light dusting across the face. Actually, if you have enough of a tan and a solid skin care routine, bronzer might be the only summer makeup you need. However, bronzers have a icky habit of being a bit expensive. If budget isn’t an issue, BeneFit Hoola is highly recommended at $28. For the more budget minded fashionista, Maybelline’s Blush Bronzer is a steal at about $6.

8. Sunscreen. The most overlooked beauty product. Yes, it’s a little bit of a hassle to put on but if you’re going to be outside you must wear sunscreen. Most recommend a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 for daily use. No, it’s not glamorous but it will save your skin and perhaps even your life. Eucerin Extra Protective Moisture Lotion comes highly recommended at only about $9 as a facial sunscreen and Bull Frog Superblock, again at about $9, for all all over body sunscreen.



March 24, 2008

Charleston Fashion Week 2008

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With Charleston’s Fashion Week just over 24 hours away, even the slightest glance toward Marion Square will tell you the whole city’s in a twitter. And especially with Project Runway’s darling Jillian Lewis making an appearance Friday & Saturday, the entire city is on celebrity watch

I’ll be posting my preview of Charleston Fashion week, which appeared in the George Street Observer this week. As well as daily updates compliments of the GSO’s Fashion Week staff…including my lovely self.

Sit tight fashionistas!

Guide to the Season’s Hottest Sandals

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With a sweltering Holy City summer lurking on the horizon, my uniform of sweaters and boots needs to be revamped to suit the rising temperatures. Flip-flops are great for the beach, but they look downright sloppy when paired with a sundress or peeking out from your favorite skinny jeans. I like sandals that are flat and sturdy for everyday use. After scouring my countless catalogs and retail websites, here are my picks for the best pairs of the season. – Bridget Herman

Frye Mary Harness Thong, $138


As a self-declared Frye junkie, I had to include these. The price point is a little high, but shoes made by Frye will last you forever. Literally. I love the structure of the ankle strap and the thickness of the sole. Plus, you gotta love the signature Frye harness.

American Eagle Strappy Sandals, $34.50


These suede sandals are easy, cheap, and chic. What more could a girl ask for? They come in a variety of colors. I like them in purple, but I also dig the rich, neutral brown.

Xhilaration for Target, Tressa Faux Snake Thong Sandals in Natural, $14.99


The gold hardware looks luxe and the snake print is playful. Plus, the price is amazing. My only concern is that they don’t look very comfortable for walking.

kate spade morocco sandals, $175


These are fun to look at, and dream about, but way to expensive for a thrifty chick like me to actually purchase. I do love the Indian-inspired pattern on the soles. Sigh.

Mirage T-Straps, $58.00

With the eye-catching, metallic toppers, these are great for transitioning from day to night. I just ordered a pair for myself.

What To Wear To An Interview

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That time of year has come when many of us sit up and realize this endless brigade of loafing to class in our sweatpants cannot last forever. Yes, the time has come for interview season. That horrendous time of the year when we must decide what exactly to do for the rest of our lives, or at least our summer. So, assuming you have gotten as far as contacting your respective potential employers, the time has now come to decide what you will wear for that all important interview.

Of course you know first impressions are everything, and that holds especially true for your interview. I’ve seen many an article advising to college student to wear their most conservative attire for an interview.

Quite frankly that is, at least in some part, ridiculous. Now, your interview is not the most opportune time to wear your most flamboyant of clothing. But at the same time, you don’t want to be so dull that you don’t stand out. Your potential employer will be seeing a multitude of people who want the job…just like you. And while your resume should set you apart from the crowd, what you wear should do just the same.

Every college student should invest in an interview outfit. Now it need not cost an arm and a leg, but it should be of enough quality that it both looks good and makes you feel good.

Express Pants For Him & Her
$49.50 & $59.50

Well fitted pants are a must for both ladies and gentlemen. And please, don’t forget to look at the length of the pant before you buy. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman wearing heels and pants four inches too short. Yes, you know what I’m talking about and don’t let that be you. My pick is the Express high-waisted or Editor pant for ladies and the Express Producer pant for gentlemen. It’s a modern cut and style that won’t set you back too much and is versitile enough to get you through man an interview, additionally both come in so many colors that it’s impossible to go wrong.

Now since there are a potential multitude of other students grabbing for the position you want, there should be something aesthetically to set you apart from the rest. Use color to accomplish this.

Ladies, I would recommend some accent of color around your face. A bright scarf or bold earrings will draw your potential employers attention to your face when you interview and make them more likely to remember who you are. Additionally, please remember to have your hair, nails, and face properly groomed. Yes, they do actually look at this.

Gentlemen, while a white or pale blue oxford shirt is always a classic with dress pants branch out. Why not lavender, or any other vivid color, with a complimentary tie? Again, be well groomed and do not wear white socks with your dress shoes.

So go out there, well dressed, and win that job. But please remember, your resume may tell them who you are, but you’re job is to show them.

Extras For The Pros…Sample Interview Outfits

Now, do NOT take of your jacket, I repeat do NOT take off your jacket. Because you are wearing a fitted blazer, wearing a strapless top works just fine. But don’t allow yourself to be tempted to remove your blazer during the interview.  Please notice, however, the pop of color in the shirt.

The notebook and pen are a nice touch. Always go into an interview with a (professional looking) notebook handy. It makes you look more prepared and means avoiding an awkward “Ahm, may I have a piece of paper to write that down?”

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