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September 5, 2008

Nifty Things

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Note: Nifty Things is a periodical collection for items of interest. Add yours and see what happens!

Walking in the Rain by *clarity*

A few things to amuse you and photos in honor of Ms. Hanna-Banana

College of Charleston Student Media’s coverage of Hurricane Watch ’08.

Gala Darling’s Five Fabulous Secret Beauty Weapons.

David Heiser‘s review of the Richard Blaise tasting dinner at McCrady’s.

The Cut’s review of Wednesday night’s episode of Project Runway (which I’m finally watching!).

The Winning Look

This girl has a shoe collection to make you cry.

By the way, if you’re not subscribed to New York Magazine’s The Cut…do it now.

I rather like this tote.

Seinfeld, paradoxal intention, and how to get over anxiety.

Lifetime premiers Coco Chanel this Saturday. I wish I had TiVo!

I like what HP is doing with their packaging, bravo to them!

A Softer World sometimes makes me giggle…lesbian dinosaurs, teehee.

Umbrellas by Pavlos Pavlidis


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