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September 5, 2008

What to Wear for Fall

Charleston isn’t exactly known for it’s crisp fall weather…but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the trends anyway.

The Palette:

Think warm tones. Mix burnt oranges, emerald greens, deep inky purples, golden yellows, and luxurious chocolates in with your wardrobe staples.

The Prints:

Plaid is in this season, but not in the “grunge rock a la 1992” incarnation. Plaid is a tricky beast. It can as easily look chic and put together as it can look like you crawled out of Kurt Cobain’s posthumous reject pile. Look for this print in its more tailored form, like this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress to the right.

Ombre is back again this season, and I’ll admit that I’m liking it a little more in its fall colors. Ombre feels a bit like refined tie-dye, and when pulled off well it can be pulled off very well. I really like the look Costello Tagliapietra gave us in the Fall 2008 collection (pictured left). This look demonstrates that ombre is a pattern in subtle doses. The colors are beautiful together as well.

Florals are also back for another season, although I can’t quite recall if they ever left since 1988. Anyway.

Look for large florals in your fall palate. I would say don’t go overboard with this pattern, but I just found that Erin Fetherston to the right and am smitten. Go all out, why not.

The Silhouette:

I feel like this is going to be a season where just about anything goes—super feminine, free flowing bohemian, super masculine (almost androgynous!) lines, and just about anything else you can think of. I’m not entirely applauding the fact that bohemian has decided to rear it’s fringed head again…then again, worse trends could make a re-debut (i.e. Uggs). I digress.

The maxi dress is a go again this season, which is a godsend since this is by far the most comfortable style send to us from above. And while you might not wear the Oscar de La Renta style picture to the left, it’s a nice thought.

Have fun with your lines this season. I love the idea of pairing a structured pencil skirt with a super slouchy top. Get creative.


Sorry to your piggies, but pointy is in again. Really, I do apologize.

Shoes have gone rather eclectic this season. Which I’m rather excited about.

Ankle boots make an appearance for fall. The idea of these in deep fall colors is a nice one.  I’m havinga little trouble with another trend though. Hybrids appear to not be for just automotives any more…some ankle boots are dancing on the border of thinking they are shoes. And thus was born the shoe/boot. Kind of like that awkward adolescent stage for a shoe, I suppose. The shoe pictured to the right is by Rupert Sanderson.

And don’t worry, those gladiators you hold so close to your heart are still in. Sleep assured.

A Trend to Think Twice About:

Designers must just be missing Harry Potter. I’m at a loss for any other reason to dress like a witch. But hey, to each their own. I’ll write it off as avante guarde. The above look is by Luella.


August 28, 2008

8 Things Every Man Should Have

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Gentlemen, I’ve been watching you. Not in a less than flattering, overly voyeuristic way…but more of a stylish girl-about-town noting of what you should wear. Truth is, I’m a lucky girl and spend about 98.9% of my time around you all…I live with you, I work with you, hell…I’m dating one of you.

Notes on what each one of you should have to make me (or any well dressed doll) swoon.

Tod’s compliments of Neiman Marcus

#1. A Driving Shoe

I want you to have this shoe. I want you to have this shoe so I can pretend you have a Bentley you only take out on the weekends, and that I can sit shotgun with a scarf in my hair a la Grace Kelly. That and it makes you look incredibly suave…(more points if they’re Tod’s)

Ralph Lauren Eton Wool Herringbone Blazer

#2. A (Nice) Sports Coat

Over a polo-shirt, tshirt, or oxford. Paired with dress pants or jeans. The sports coat automatically makes you go from run of the mill to spectacular male fashion god.

As Brian notes in the comments, the sport coat only hold its charm when well tailored to the gentleman wearing it. This is simply a must.

#3. The Boxer Brief

All unladylike comments aside, no one wants to see an awkward poof of fabric spilling over the waist line of your pants. Even less points if that fabric is embellished with penguins or sports teams…or anything equally ridiculous. The boxer brief is discreet, stylish, and so worth it.

#5. An Impressive Music Repertoire

I like music. It’s my job to like music. But that aside I like very many girls, like to know that you like music. I would like to be impressed by what you listen to no matter that is. Impress me.

#6. A Vocabulary

Every gentleman should have a handle of the English language. There are many words you may use, please don’t limit yourselves to words like “bro” or “yeh man” because there are infact many words you may choose from. I like to know you’re intelligent. We all do.

#7. Product

I’m not asking for much here, just something beyond the Suave shampoo you picked up at the Dollar Store because your mother told you to stop using Irish Springs soap in your hair. There’s an entire section of the hair/face care market devoted to you, utilize it.

perhaps not this Cartier model…but if you’re feeling ambitious

#8. A Decent Wallet

When you whip that puppy out, I don’t want to see anything by Abercrombie or made out of duct tape. I like to know that what it looks on the outside, is an indicator of what could be on the inside. You can tell a lot about a man by the wallet he carries, just try and prove me wrong on that one.

Acceptable Outfits for Four Occasions I Know You’ll Encounter

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If you think you can just wake up and go to class wearing god knows what. I implore you, think again.

This is college.

And while your mother might no longer hover over your shoulder, let me be the one to say, “Young lady, you are not going out of the house in that.”

I’m sure many of you are doing very well with looking somewhat put together as you leave your dorm room, but many need a re-fresher course on this. For your best interest, may I present…Acceptable Outfits for Four Occasions I Know You’ll Encounter

Occasion 1: “Oh fuck…my class starts in five minutes”

Toss on dark wash jeans and a gauzy tank, effortlessly chic. Every girl should have a pair of easy but ridiculously stylish shoes–gladiators are perfect. Toss thoss puppies on your pieds, knot your hair under a black fedora and slip on a couple of bold cocktail rings (I want the octopus one by the way). Smudge on some eyeliner and mascara, a dusting of bronzer. Grab an oversized bag to carry your school books and a granola bar for a burst of protein on your way to class.

Occasion #2: “Seven hours in the library and no sleep…I’m not feeling stellar”

A little detail goes a long way, and nothing is easier than a sundress. Keep a dress in your closet for just such occasions…one that’s comfy and easy to wear, but has a nice burst of color and detail to make it look like you cared. Toss on some white sandals and accent with a bright white messanger bag. Pat some concealer under your eyes and accent with a neutral lipgloss. Grab a few pieces of jewelry and a Red Bull…you’re good to go and everyone will be jealous of how good you look on no sleep. Trust me on this one.

Occasion #3: “S.O.S.! I refuse to take the walk of shame!”

Evaluate the situation. What options do you have. Can that cocktail dress be dressed down ASAP? Is there a tshirt you can toss on with that skirt? Being the smart girl that you are, you were…(a) smart about doing whatever you did the night prior (b) have an emergency makeup stash in your bag (c) can think on your toes. Pull yourself together the best you can and dive into your emergency makeup stash. Every girl should have one of these, even if you’re in a serious relationship. These emergency goodies need not be the most expensive items in your makeup repertoire, just enough to get you through if need be.

May I suggest…

  • Under-eye concealer
  • Bronzer
  • Oil blotting sheets
  • Mascara
  • Lipgloss
  • Mint
  • Sample of deodorant/perfume

Apply these items toute suite, pull together an outfit as best you can (hey…everyone should be jealous that you’re wearing a kickass cocktail dress at 9:30am, it’s high fashion). Leaving your number is entirely optional. Wink, wink.

Ocassion #4: “I have a meeting with my professor/advisor/boss…”

Now, as if it needed to be noted, this is not the time to roll out in your track pants. You should always dress well when you have a planned meeting with a professor (or advisor, or any other person of note on campus). Even if it’s just a ten minute meeting and you have classes the rest of the day, dress a little nicer than usual anyway. Making a good impression is always worth it. A well structured pair of jeans will work nicely–given that this is a casual meeting–with a more professional top. I like this tuxedo shirt from J.Crew because I’m a sucker for a good buttondown. Slip a bit of color into the ensemble with a pair of heels in your favorite color. Finish with a big bag complete with pen and notebook–you never know what you might need to jot down.

xxx for now.


July 8, 2008

Gracefully Donning Skulls

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“I secretly have an affection for skulls. But I’m not sure how I can incorporate it in my style without looking too hard. Any ideas?”

I am so happy someone asked this, as I was just thinking of ways I could do this just the other day. Wearing skull graphics may sound a bit morbid, but they’re fun fashion item to play with and add to your style.

Scarf – Ed Hardy, $70

A scarf is a good way to add just a touch of the skull graphic without toeing the line of hardcore biker fashionista. Wear it draped around your neck with a pink tank top, tied to your handbag, or as a headscarf.

The skulls on this Ed Hardy number really play against the femininity of the silk material and pink and cream color combination.

I would wear this with a pair of grey highwaisted skinny jeans, a pale pink tanktop, and fadora. Perhaps with a delicate pink flat.

Ring – Eternal Sparkles, $37

This ring feels like a nice surprise if you’re trying to incorporate a skull into your style. It’s an unexpected touch that is neither overwhelming nor understated. You could pair this with almost anything–from casual attire to a cocktail dress. In fact, I think this might be a fun accessory to pair with a dress a la Betsey Johnson. Viola!

Cardigan – Betsey Johnson, $200

Speaking of Betsey Johnson…she’s always a good source for inspiration on making “harder looks” look perfectly do-able. The thought of a sweater…even if it is mascaraing about calling itself a cardigan…may make you a bit nauseous considering the Charleston heat and humidity, but come fall this would be an awesome piece to pair with a usually “preppy” look.

I would pair this cardigan with a pair of trouser fit jeans, rich tuxedo cut button down, and lots of fun necklaces. Perfect for class or dashing about town…but perhaps not until mid-October.

Extras For the Pros…wearing skulls without looking like the Prima Dona at the biker ball

Look 1 – Over-the-Top Evening

This is not for the bashful…but I would love to see something along these lines strutting the streets of Charleston one evening. The skulls are just a nice accent with an all around over-the-top outfit. You might have to take a big dose of courage to pull of a bathing suit as a top. I’m also loving the black feather hairpiece – it would look perfect with a very chic chingnon.

Look 2 – Daytime

A good day look for dashing about Charleston accomplishing all the day’s challenges. This outfit pulls together three looks I’m quickly growing very fond of–fedoras, suspenders, and (yes) the skull scarf. The turquoise gladiator inspired sandal is a nice touch.

Look 3 – Skulls at the Office

Now proving that you can sneak a skull into any outfit. The rest of the outfit is demure enough that they skull necklace is a pit of a surprise. The other metalic pieces (bag, bracelet, shoes) make the necklace  seamlessly blend into the rest of the outfit. Bravo!

Send your questions to ccmillard@gmail.com (yeh, yeh…HCS needs its own email, I know)…for the HCS writers to answer. We’re just itching to give our opinions.



June 20, 2008

Hollywood… in Charleston

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Have you ever watched a movie and fallen completely and utterly in love… with the costumes? Well, if you’re like me, you definitely have. Every time I see a movie with absolutely beatific clothes, I walk away from the theatre with a crush (on the clothes). Some of my favorite movie fashions have come from flicks of the past few years. There’s no reason why Holy City-ites can’t do their part to recreate these classic fashions and make our little corner of the world a bit more Hollywood.

Lust, Caution

This is my new favorite movie. It centers around a group of Chinese drama students in Hong Kong and Shanghai during the Japanese occupation of the late 30s and early 40s who decide to take the resistance into their own hands by plotting to kill a corrupt government official. It is an erotic (seriously) espionage story, love story, whathaveyou. The character of Wong Chia Chi wears the most amazing clothes. She mixes classical Asian pieces with the hottest Western fashions of the time period.

Modern adaptations of the classic fashion pieces can be found easily. By putting a modern twist on these fabulous looks, you can avoid looking like an out of place joke (because, unfortunately, in Charleston, not everyone can rock the Dita von Teese look) and stick with looking like that insanely hip fashionista that you are.

I would love to see this look on the streets on Charleston, though you’d probably have to hold out on the trench until fall. It’s a completely modern twist on several classic elements.


This is certainly a fab movie, though the book is far, far, far better. For those who aren’t familiar with the plot, the story centers around a child’s lie and its consequences. Keira Knightley’s character, Cecilia, dons some of the most amazing fashions in this Academy Award nominated film. Who can forget the infamous green gown that had tongues wagging from all over the fashion world?

Although the gown certainly is amazing, donning such extravagant attire is not common practice in our notoriously laid back town. Another one of Cecilia’s looks could be easily replicated and fit in fabulously in the Holy City.

Any Holy City lady would look stellar if she utilizes pale, neutral tones in this regard. However, on a side note, no one should try to copy the depicted haircut. WIth Charleston’s horrid humidity, well, that’d be a fashion death sentence.

Marie Antoinette

This Sofia Coppola flick centers on the famed title-character we all grew up learning about in history classes (let them eat cake, anyone?). It is one of the most beautiful films in recent history (in my opinion), utilizing 18th century French fashions. Of course, Marie Antoinette was extremely extravagant, with foot-high hair-dos and robust gowns.

To adapt this look to modern times, one must simply grab a feathered headband, a fabulous LBD, a great pair of black pumps and a fab clutch.

Clearly, adapting Hollywood style to the Charleston streets is a relatively easy task. Every fashionista should try her hand at it.


June 13, 2008

Say Yes To Neutrals

In a summer gone technicolor, the the neutral accessory is there to remind us that it doesn’t have to be brilliant to be stylish.

This Tod’s clutch (top) would look fabulous with a bright orange tunic and dark (or white) skinny jeans. Actually, I’m salivating a bit at the idea of that outfit. Of course, if Tod’s is a bit out of the budget, there’s also a lovely number by the budget friendly Forever 21–not quite the same look, but could be pulled off in similar styles. These clutches are $525 and $8.80 respectively.

Either of these would be great paired with a bold color. The right is by Elie Tahari via BlueFly and the left from Urban Outfitters. Pair with saucy sundresses, shorts, or linen pants…any way it’s excellent. (They are $159 and $38)

White looks killer when you have a good tan. Both dresses have a good “beachy” feel that would make any stylish Charleston lass happy. Pair these with bright gladiators and a ginormous sun hat (although perhaps not a la Samantha in Sex and the City…unless you’re really daring) and flaunt yourself at Saturday brunch. The dress on the right is by Free People (did you know they’re owned by the same company as Urban Outfitters?) and left is by Forever 21. (Dresses are $139 and $40)

Paired with a super skinny heavy linen pencil skirt and bold shirt (I still have orange on the mind), both of these would look divine. Play with neutrals by pairing them with a grounding color (black, navy, etc.) and a bright color (coral, orange, hot pink)…the contrast between the three is fabulous. The shoe to the right is by Via Spiga and the left is Nine West (they are $250 and $130)

A neutral eye is perfect for summer. My favorite summer eye makeup look is a touch of gold tinted base, with a swish of Clinique eyeshadow in Daybreak plus dark chocolate eyeliner. Really and effortless and neutral look that carries off well in summer. The color pictured above is by M.A.C.

Putting It Together…Pairing Neutrals With Colors

Neutral + Bright colors = instant attention grabber. Use neutrals to your advantage by letting bright colors pop against them.



June 8, 2008

Charleston Guide to London Style

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So, I’m spending my summer here in London for an amazing internship at a fashion magazine. Though I work in the editorial department, I recently visited the fashion room to get the low-down on the hottest (quite literally) summer trends of 2008.

“London has a folksy, 70’s-era style that hasn’t changed much in the past few years,” said a fashion assistant, in an attempt to briefly generalize London street style. (Names must remain anonymous for commercial reasons).

Though the weather isn’t quite as smoldering as Charleston—in fact, it’s quite the opposite, as a sunny day in London is as common as a snowy day in the Chuck—there are still many ways to adapt the latest in London style to suit the streets of Charleston. So if you’re looking to add some European flair to your wardrobe this summer, these trendy pieces are sure to go perfectly with any sunny day!

High-waisted shorts:

Find a pair, Top Shop £35

The British pair them with rain boots and an umbrella; but try a simple tank-top, a pair of flip flops, and aviators and you’re ready for a stroll around town in style. Even though this fab pair is from Topshop, you can find high-waisted shorts in just about any US apparel store.

Gladiator Sandals:

Find a pair, Steve Madden $89.95

These sandals are a summer must-have for two reasons: 1. They’re versatile—wear them with shorts, a sundress, a bikini. 2. They’re flat! As anyone in Charleston or London will tell you, heels are a no-go when you’re walking everywhere. But, with the straps rising above the ankle, you’ll still get the lengthening effect that accentuates those golden legs!

School-boy blazer

Find it, J Crew $150

The most stylish way to warm up during chilly evenings spent at Folly, IOP, or Sullivan’s. (Though in London you’re likely to these sporty-coats on anyone in the middle of the day—we all know it’s probably not practical for Charleston).

White linen

Men’s Linen Cap, Urban Outfitters $28

According to my fashion friends, white linen is the biggest fabric of the summer for men and women, be it jackets, dresses, trousers, or accessories. This linen cap for men is a personal favorite, for any guy looking to trend-up the traditional ironic-t-shirt/jeans/rainbows ensemble.

Boot-cut flairs

Find a pair, Gap $49.50

Once again, the boot-cut is back for men as well as women. The main reason: high style, low maintenance. 12 p.m. – Pair with flops and bikini top for the beach. 5 p.m. — Pair with sandals and a tank for happy hour. 8 p.m. – Pair with strappy stilettos and a satin blouse for a night on the town.

Head scarves

Find one, Juicy Couture via Saks Fifth Avenue $35

All the rage in London right now, head scarves were on in the early 2000’s with the Olsen twin’s bohemian craze, and have disappeared for a while. Nevertheless, head scarves are quite a useful way of turning a horrible hair situation into a great outfit! Personal suggestion: pair with over-sized shades!

Harem pants

Find a pair, Urbanoutfitters.co.uk £52.00

When my fashionable co-workers told me to list Harem pants, my immediate response was, “ha- what?” “Jasmine from Aladdin,” she explained. I laughed a little, then wrote it down.

Quite interestingly, these pants accentuate the hips, perfect for those fortunate twiggy-types that have none. It seems they also haven’t caught on yet in the states, I found this pair at Urban Outfitters, UK, but they weren’t even on the US website. We all know what that means—next summer King Street will be flooded with them!


Find it, Banana Republic, $78

From tops, to wallets, purses, or belts, anything embroidered should be included in this summer’s wardrobe. Embroidery is a large part of that classic, folksy London style. If you’re having trouble tracking down things you like, don’t forget you can also have your favorite pieces custom embroidered. There are more than 10 places in the Charleston area if you consult Google.

Charity shops in London are as common as Starbuck’s in Charleston—you’re likely to find three within a three-block radius. If you’re looking to add a unique touch to any outfit, it’s always a good idea to spend some time browsing through a thrift store before you pay 700% more for the ”brand-new vintage” effect at Urban Outfitters.

Although, when the wrong people start buying retro, or the right people buy too much, the result can be a fashion disaster. What should you always avoid? The fashion experts I spoke with suggested not to let the 80’s throwback go too far. While denim jackets and over-the-shoulder tops are pieces you’ll want to snatch up, try to avoid bright, unusual colors. It’s a good idea to limit your selections to natural colors, so you won’t leave with a bag full of pieces you’ll regret later. But as always, trust your own style-instinct. If you find something unique that you l’adore instantly, run with it!

-Melanie Caduhada

May 29, 2008

Shu Uemura’s Smoky Eye

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Women’s Wear Daily spoke with Gina Brooks, Shu Uemura creative director, to find out just how to perfect the art of the smoldering smoky eye. Brooks recommends utilizing shades of deep shimmering grey and rich midnight blues to perfect the sexy look. She details the process in four easy steps.

A: Apply grey shadow to the entire lid.
B: Line your rims with navy eyeliner.

C: Sweep black shadow from lashline up to crease.
D: Blend navy shadow into the crease and under the brow, smudging carefully until there is a gradation of color.

May 21, 2008

What To Wear: Opening Weekend Gala at the Spoleto Festival

That time has come again, when Charleston becomes a super mecca of culture. From ballet, to theater, to jazz, to the parties, to everything in between. .

Which of course means you know what you’re wearing to the Opening Weekend Gala…right?

If you answered standard issue black tie…you’ve missed the mark, darling. I offer my guidance on what to wear to the opening weekend of the biggest cultural event this side of the Atlantic.

Outfit #1

Why I like It…First, I adore the dress. The flow of the fabric is summery, and eclectic, and has that perfect touch of sophistication. I would pair it with a Greek style headband (which I’m still roving the Internet for). For this collection though, I’ve put the dress with a gold ankle strap shoe. The ankle strap is perhaps one of the sexiest shoes known to woman–or man I suppose. I like the way this one compliments the detail at the top of the dress. I’m in the midst of a ring obsession at the moment, so I’m in love with the two rings pictured above. The purple one offers a nice compliment to the dress, while the hippo head is just pure fun. I’ve finished the outfit with a lovely python patterned clutch with hints of blue to pull everything together. You can see all the pieces in this outfit here.

Outfit #2

Why I like It…I must admit I’m a sucker for green and deep red paired together, and the flow of this dress is simply divine–In my humble opinion. I’m drooling over the shoes (again note the ankle strap, sexy eh?). The clutch is a nice touch of metallic and the jewelry pulls the shoes together with the rest of you. This look is a little richer in terms of color, but would work well if you have a decent tan. Again, you can see all the pieces here.

Outfit #

Why I like It…This would be what I would wear were I to go to the opening gala. The pink and black really pop together, and I’m in love with the dress. I’ve seen this Yves Saint Laurent clutch pop up in a few places now, and had to use it in an outfit. The clutch really adds a bit of artful whimsy to the outfit as does the black feather hair piece. I used to a plethora of rings in this outfit because it begs to be over the top–as seen in the detail on the dress’ neckline. Finally, you can see all the items here.

Spoleto Festival starts on May 23 and runs through June 8th. For more information on Spoleto or the Opening Weekend Gala, click your way to their website.

May 4, 2008

Spring oh8 runway revisited

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September came and went eight months ago, yet should still remain at the precipice of each Charlestonian’s mind, for it was the month that housed each of the Spring 2008 Ready to Wear fashion shows in Milan, New York, Paris, and all of the other fabulous cities around the globe. It was back in September that the styles and trends that were to become prevalent during this fair season were determined. Though, admittedly, much has occurred since those glorious shows took place, it is important for each and every person to uphold the standards implemented in the Spring 2008 shows.

Here is a refresher course of some of the shows’ best and easiest-to-copy looks, so that each Holy City inhabitant can ensure that he or she is dressing in accordance with the Spring 2008 shows.


The model strutted this look during Behnaz Sarafpour’s show. This look crosses the barrier from classic to trendy. There is, of course, the classic half-length coat, which could have easily been seen on Audrey Hepburn back in the day. Underneath the coat lies the trendy shorts, though not hoochie-esque nor skanky. Add a pair of heels and you’re good to go. This is the perfect day or night look, though of course now that it is getting hot, you’d most likely only wear the coat at night. An entire similar look can be found at Forever 21, from a cute coat, to the white tee, to the gorgeous shorts, to black heels.

Alberta Ferretti’s easy, breezy hippie-chic look could be easily translated into Charleston attire. The loose fitting top is perfect for the hot, humid Spring. This whole look exudes effortless style, perfect for the laid back atmosphere of the spring. Don’t worry about copying the hairdo– the humidity will bring about the same frizzy style no matter what you do. A similar (though not exact) look can be found by matching this Urban Outfitters top with one of their skirts and a pair of Steve Maddens, all available on King Street.

The next look comes from Tracy Reese. Unlike the previous two looks, this exact dress can be found in King Street store Biton. The classic A-line cut of the dress works on any body type, and hugs the curves of any lady who wears it. It’s one of those sexy-and-classy-at-the-same-time outfits.


Alright boys, here goes my first foray into men’s fashion reporting. I have to tell you, as cliche as it may be, I love a guy dressed in Lacoste. It is just a classic fashion line, the perfect mixture between preppy and stylish. This look fits right in here in Charleston, minus the rolled up pant leg (please don’t do that). Luckily for us, this look can be purchased at the Lacoste Store on King Street.

This DKNY look could easily be translated from the pages of GQ to the streets of the Holy City. The key is the contrast between the harsh orange and gray, and the subtle white shoes. For a similar look, look no further than Banana Republic for the pants and the shirt, and Steve Madden (if you’re wondering, I used to work there, hence the loyalty) for the shoes.

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