Holy City Style

September 5, 2008

What to Wear for Fall

Charleston isn’t exactly known for it’s crisp fall weather…but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the trends anyway.

The Palette:

Think warm tones. Mix burnt oranges, emerald greens, deep inky purples, golden yellows, and luxurious chocolates in with your wardrobe staples.

The Prints:

Plaid is in this season, but not in the “grunge rock a la 1992” incarnation. Plaid is a tricky beast. It can as easily look chic and put together as it can look like you crawled out of Kurt Cobain’s posthumous reject pile. Look for this print in its more tailored form, like this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress to the right.

Ombre is back again this season, and I’ll admit that I’m liking it a little more in its fall colors. Ombre feels a bit like refined tie-dye, and when pulled off well it can be pulled off very well. I really like the look Costello Tagliapietra gave us in the Fall 2008 collection (pictured left). This look demonstrates that ombre is a pattern in subtle doses. The colors are beautiful together as well.

Florals are also back for another season, although I can’t quite recall if they ever left since 1988. Anyway.

Look for large florals in your fall palate. I would say don’t go overboard with this pattern, but I just found that Erin Fetherston to the right and am smitten. Go all out, why not.

The Silhouette:

I feel like this is going to be a season where just about anything goes—super feminine, free flowing bohemian, super masculine (almost androgynous!) lines, and just about anything else you can think of. I’m not entirely applauding the fact that bohemian has decided to rear it’s fringed head again…then again, worse trends could make a re-debut (i.e. Uggs). I digress.

The maxi dress is a go again this season, which is a godsend since this is by far the most comfortable style send to us from above. And while you might not wear the Oscar de La Renta style picture to the left, it’s a nice thought.

Have fun with your lines this season. I love the idea of pairing a structured pencil skirt with a super slouchy top. Get creative.


Sorry to your piggies, but pointy is in again. Really, I do apologize.

Shoes have gone rather eclectic this season. Which I’m rather excited about.

Ankle boots make an appearance for fall. The idea of these in deep fall colors is a nice one.  I’m havinga little trouble with another trend though. Hybrids appear to not be for just automotives any more…some ankle boots are dancing on the border of thinking they are shoes. And thus was born the shoe/boot. Kind of like that awkward adolescent stage for a shoe, I suppose. The shoe pictured to the right is by Rupert Sanderson.

And don’t worry, those gladiators you hold so close to your heart are still in. Sleep assured.

A Trend to Think Twice About:

Designers must just be missing Harry Potter. I’m at a loss for any other reason to dress like a witch. But hey, to each their own. I’ll write it off as avante guarde. The above look is by Luella.


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