Holy City Style

September 2, 2008

Notes: 09.01.08

I spent my Sunday evening tucked smackdab (don’t you love that word?) between my two favorite Charleston bloggers, Brian of DubiousOne and David Heiser of DH is Good, reveling in the Richard Blaise tasting dinner at McCrady’s.

The entire experience can be summed up in two very elloquent, very ladylike words: effing brilliant. Eleven courses of perhaps the most interesting cullinary compositions I’ve yet to see. By far my favorite dish of the night was the fois gras “rocks” served with pancakes, maple, and figs. A most disarming combination of flavors and I’ll never eat pancakes without fois gras again.

Also, not to be forgotten, was the green tomato gazpacho served in a soup can…which another guest at the table and I promptly pocketed after dinner. The cans, not the soup. How brilliant.

I’ll have a full review soon, with pictures.

In other news, I’m formulating a list of Fall must haves. They include…

1. Skull Cufflinks

I’m in a French cuff phase right now. There is something so incredibly chic and put together about this look. I do like the look of a simple cufflink, but think a whimsical touch couldn’t be more perfect.

I’m picturing these with a crisp white shirt, and red pencil skirt paired with silver gladiator wedges. However, the ones pictured above are a cool $395, so I believe I’ll be looking for the bargain route.

2. Suspenders

This must be a men’s wear phase I’m going through, but I would love to have a pair of suspenders. Paired with an oxford and fitted tshirt over dark wash jeans and I might just be in love. Or perhaps a skirt? dress shorts? Too many options to count.

I also love the combination pictured to the right (compliments to loou on Flickr). Huge fan of the ankle boots, and is that a feathered headband I spot in the subject’s hair? I think so!

3. Cocktail Rings

I’ve gotten a little lazy about wearing jewelry lately. And by lazy I mean not wearing it at all. This season…no more! I am on the hunt for interesting…and sparkly…baubles for my fingers. Loving this foxhead ring which can be found for $300 here. But I suppose once again I’ll be looking for the affordable version. And so the search continues…

4. Ankle Boots

I’m giving in. I will no longer accept my disdain for ankle boots. Loving this pair from Forever 21 (and at $25, how could you not?). They remind me an awful lot of

the pair I saw on the Madewell website. Has Forever 21’s style swiping struck again?

I suspect so, but love it regardless.

5. Diana Camera

Mmmm. Pretty. Not practical, but pretty. Plus you get pictures that turn out looking like this and this.

2am ramblings are not for the feeble minded. Off to bed, love always.


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