Holy City Style

August 29, 2008

Current Favorites

#1…Big Buddha = Love

I am in love with this bag. As much in love as a girl can have for a bag the size of a small country. To quote a good friend “Caroline, you could carry the Vatican City in there.”

So true, so true.

But what other bag could accomodate my laptop, notebook, and assortment of other neccessary objects? Answer…no other.

Best of all, Urban Outfitters has this small suitcase on sale for $29.99.

#2…Overpriced But Colorful Notebooks

I don’t usually spend five dollars for a notebook. But these were the exception. Would a standard issue Mead Five Star have done the same trick? Probably, but I like color. I like color a lot.

I bought two. One for my advertising class and the other for statistics. Since the later class is bound to bore me to tears, at least I’ll have something pretty to look at.

#3…Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Minty, but not overpowering. Don’t quote me on this but it tastes pretty good, too.

#4…My New Camera

I was recently the recipient of a Nikon Coolpix Eco-Green edition. I’m loving the sleek style, and easy to use features. For a point and shoot it takes a great pictures. And for each camera you buy, Nikon makes a donation to offset carbon emissions. Cause related marketing? Yes. But I bought into it. Ride the green wave, kids.


Wagner Terrace is one of those places that completely takes you off guard. How dare there be a place this tucked away in downtown?! That aside, I’ve fallen in love with Granvilles. Easily one of Charleston’s best kept cullinary secrets, I’ve dined here twice and loved it both times.

Their small plates are the perfect portion. My favorites are the mixed green salad with golden beets and the P.E.I. mussels. Pair with a bottle of Prosecco Veneto and it’s the perfect dining experience.

Best of all, unlike so many Charleston restuarants, it won’t cost you an inordinate amount. Two salads, two small plates, a bottle of wine, and dessert split between two people comes to a lovely $35 each.

#6…The College of Charleston

Yes, this is a bit hokey…but I love this place. Take a stoll through campus at dusk and tell me you don’t love it. I dare you. There’s something to be said for taking a moment to enjoy your surroundings, and here it’s hard not to do.


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