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August 28, 2008

Acceptable Outfits for Four Occasions I Know You’ll Encounter

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If you think you can just wake up and go to class wearing god knows what. I implore you, think again.

This is college.

And while your mother might no longer hover over your shoulder, let me be the one to say, “Young lady, you are not going out of the house in that.”

I’m sure many of you are doing very well with looking somewhat put together as you leave your dorm room, but many need a re-fresher course on this. For your best interest, may I present…Acceptable Outfits for Four Occasions I Know You’ll Encounter

Occasion 1: “Oh fuck…my class starts in five minutes”

Toss on dark wash jeans and a gauzy tank, effortlessly chic. Every girl should have a pair of easy but ridiculously stylish shoes–gladiators are perfect. Toss thoss puppies on your pieds, knot your hair under a black fedora and slip on a couple of bold cocktail rings (I want the octopus one by the way). Smudge on some eyeliner and mascara, a dusting of bronzer. Grab an oversized bag to carry your school books and a granola bar for a burst of protein on your way to class.

Occasion #2: “Seven hours in the library and no sleep…I’m not feeling stellar”

A little detail goes a long way, and nothing is easier than a sundress. Keep a dress in your closet for just such occasions…one that’s comfy and easy to wear, but has a nice burst of color and detail to make it look like you cared. Toss on some white sandals and accent with a bright white messanger bag. Pat some concealer under your eyes and accent with a neutral lipgloss. Grab a few pieces of jewelry and a Red Bull…you’re good to go and everyone will be jealous of how good you look on no sleep. Trust me on this one.

Occasion #3: “S.O.S.! I refuse to take the walk of shame!”

Evaluate the situation. What options do you have. Can that cocktail dress be dressed down ASAP? Is there a tshirt you can toss on with that skirt? Being the smart girl that you are, you were…(a) smart about doing whatever you did the night prior (b) have an emergency makeup stash in your bag (c) can think on your toes. Pull yourself together the best you can and dive into your emergency makeup stash. Every girl should have one of these, even if you’re in a serious relationship. These emergency goodies need not be the most expensive items in your makeup repertoire, just enough to get you through if need be.

May I suggest…

  • Under-eye concealer
  • Bronzer
  • Oil blotting sheets
  • Mascara
  • Lipgloss
  • Mint
  • Sample of deodorant/perfume

Apply these items toute suite, pull together an outfit as best you can (hey…everyone should be jealous that you’re wearing a kickass cocktail dress at 9:30am, it’s high fashion). Leaving your number is entirely optional. Wink, wink.

Ocassion #4: “I have a meeting with my professor/advisor/boss…”

Now, as if it needed to be noted, this is not the time to roll out in your track pants. You should always dress well when you have a planned meeting with a professor (or advisor, or any other person of note on campus). Even if it’s just a ten minute meeting and you have classes the rest of the day, dress a little nicer than usual anyway. Making a good impression is always worth it. A well structured pair of jeans will work nicely–given that this is a casual meeting–with a more professional top. I like this tuxedo shirt from J.Crew because I’m a sucker for a good buttondown. Slip a bit of color into the ensemble with a pair of heels in your favorite color. Finish with a big bag complete with pen and notebook–you never know what you might need to jot down.

xxx for now.



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