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July 16, 2008

When Bad Things Happen To Bags

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I am not at all a fan of Louis Vuitton, so perhaps my opinion on all this is a bit tainted.

That disclaimer out of the way, Louis’ collaboration with Comme des Garcons is what happens when designer handbags are genetically altered in a petri dish…they grow strange handle appendages.

I find the plume of handles on the signature bag not only aethetically displeasing, but a pain in the well-dressed ass. Imagine trying to toss this bad-boy on your shoulder, only to be poked by the television antena handles.

The bag does lend itself to a certain avant-garde, haute couture vibe…but I’m just not feeling it.

Perhaps it’s my disdain for the signature LV logo emblazoned across so many of their leather goods, or perhaps its the afore mentioned mutant handles. Either way, I will not be lining up in Tokyo Sept. 4 when the bag goes on sale.





  1. I must agree that I also am not a fan. The handles are creative but then they left the ugly body of the purse untouched. Very odd indeed.

    Comment by Kris — July 16, 2008 @ 12:18 pm | Reply

  2. You are right…it’s an ugly bag. I mean why all the handles? I wonder how that design meeting went down.
    Louis your bags are hideous, but because we convinced a few dumb A-list celebs to think they are fashionable, everyone thinks they are fashionable. We need to come up with something so ugly, that people all over the world will be overwhelmed by it’s ugly aura and want to buy it, without celebs endorcement.

    You are right, everything I do is very bland and drab. If I make a bag then I need to put the “LV” all over it. That’s a given. I mean why go with an actual artistic design when we can just place my name all over it. People are stupid enough to buy things with my name on it.

    Well Louis, we do that with everything. I’m not sure if that will be the key thing that grabs people. I mean it is ugly, but we need uglier.

    I can make the bag out of a 86 Buick LeSabre’s dashboard…

    ooohh….that is starting to sound ugly, do go on.

    hmmm…now I understand the need for every woman to be carrying a small chimpanzee in her bag wherever she she goes. But what would keep that chimp occupied?

    Umm…I don’t know, tree?

    (Long Pause)

    I got it! Chimps love to grab things and swing…we can add like, ten freakin handles to the bag!

    Wow, that’s frightening…terrifying even. Probably scare the elderly and small children.

    Really? You think so?

    Yes I do.

    I am a god aren’t I? Please get the Vuitton some Fresca and my Nintendo Wii. The Vuitton needs to relax after this hard day of work.

    Comment by Sonar — July 21, 2008 @ 6:53 pm | Reply

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