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July 8, 2008

Gracefully Donning Skulls

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“I secretly have an affection for skulls. But I’m not sure how I can incorporate it in my style without looking too hard. Any ideas?”

I am so happy someone asked this, as I was just thinking of ways I could do this just the other day. Wearing skull graphics may sound a bit morbid, but they’re fun fashion item to play with and add to your style.

Scarf – Ed Hardy, $70

A scarf is a good way to add just a touch of the skull graphic without toeing the line of hardcore biker fashionista. Wear it draped around your neck with a pink tank top, tied to your handbag, or as a headscarf.

The skulls on this Ed Hardy number really play against the femininity of the silk material and pink and cream color combination.

I would wear this with a pair of grey highwaisted skinny jeans, a pale pink tanktop, and fadora. Perhaps with a delicate pink flat.

Ring – Eternal Sparkles, $37

This ring feels like a nice surprise if you’re trying to incorporate a skull into your style. It’s an unexpected touch that is neither overwhelming nor understated. You could pair this with almost anything–from casual attire to a cocktail dress. In fact, I think this might be a fun accessory to pair with a dress a la Betsey Johnson. Viola!

Cardigan – Betsey Johnson, $200

Speaking of Betsey Johnson…she’s always a good source for inspiration on making “harder looks” look perfectly do-able. The thought of a sweater…even if it is mascaraing about calling itself a cardigan…may make you a bit nauseous considering the Charleston heat and humidity, but come fall this would be an awesome piece to pair with a usually “preppy” look.

I would pair this cardigan with a pair of trouser fit jeans, rich tuxedo cut button down, and lots of fun necklaces. Perfect for class or dashing about town…but perhaps not until mid-October.

Extras For the Pros…wearing skulls without looking like the Prima Dona at the biker ball

Look 1 – Over-the-Top Evening

This is not for the bashful…but I would love to see something along these lines strutting the streets of Charleston one evening. The skulls are just a nice accent with an all around over-the-top outfit. You might have to take a big dose of courage to pull of a bathing suit as a top. I’m also loving the black feather hairpiece – it would look perfect with a very chic chingnon.

Look 2 – Daytime

A good day look for dashing about Charleston accomplishing all the day’s challenges. This outfit pulls together three looks I’m quickly growing very fond of–fedoras, suspenders, and (yes) the skull scarf. The turquoise gladiator inspired sandal is a nice touch.

Look 3 – Skulls at the Office

Now proving that you can sneak a skull into any outfit. The rest of the outfit is demure enough that they skull necklace is a pit of a surprise. The other metalic pieces (bag, bracelet, shoes) make the necklace  seamlessly blend into the rest of the outfit. Bravo!

Send your questions to ccmillard@gmail.com (yeh, yeh…HCS needs its own email, I know)…for the HCS writers to answer. We’re just itching to give our opinions.




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  1. Weirdly, I’ve always loved skulls. In Shakespearian times, skulls were the symbol of the scholar. Academic types would keep one on their desk for decoration. Very cool.

    Comment by Bridget — July 12, 2008 @ 12:34 am | Reply

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