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May 13, 2008

Something Jay Clifford this way comes…

The crisis alert has just gone from yellow to an elevated orange: we only have 24 days to prepare for the amazing Jay Clifford’s three night stint at the American Theatre.

That’s right, brace yourselves, local singer-songwriter Clifford, former lead vocals of the now disbanded Jump, Little Children (RIP), will be playing at the King Street establishment June 5th and 6th at 9 p.m., and June 7th at 8 p.m, with tickets only costing $15. Though Clifford was not born in the Lowcountry, he now is arguably the most famous (edit: and talented) musician residing in the Holy City, having called it home since Jump, Little Children arrived in our neck of the woods in the 90s. He has been touring across the country on and off for the past year, and we are only so lucky to have him for the three nights.

Jay Clifford at The Music Farm in November

Jay Clifford at the Music Farm in November.

We have less than a month to prepare for his shows. There are several things all Clifford virgins and experts must do in order to prepare for these most Holy of occasions.



1. Hit up Millennium Music or 52.5 Records

You only have so much time to either familiarize yourself or merely refresh the old noggin with Clifford’s music, so it is quintessential to hit up at least one of these King Street record stores and purchase his works. First, you must start with the Jump, Little Children records “Magazine,” “Vertigo,” and “Between the Dim and the Dark,” for Clifford has a tendency to play JLC songs in his concerts (I should know: I’ve been following/stalking him for years, and, yes, I did take that pic at the Music Farm). After spending a substantial amount of time with each of these disks, you must move on to Clifford’s solo album, “Driving Blind.” Pay attention to the use of strings and the beautiful lyrics in all of the songs. Also, memorize the lyrics, so you can be as cool as me (while I stand/sit front row, sing along, and get weird looks from the crowd/band).

2. Stop by Urban Outfitters to, well, get outfitted

Don’t get me wrong, Jay Clifford is notoriously laid back, but it’s still important to look good at these shows. We do have to rep the Holy City, after all. In this situation, you can easily stop by Urban Outfitters on King Street for a one-stop shopping trip, gathering everything from the apparel to accessories to the shoes necessary for the event.


Why not rock this Urban look?

This asymmetrical dress runs only $68, and could easily be worn out for either pre- or post-concert drinks. It is an easily wearable look that mixes comfort with class. Since this concert is at the seated American Theatre, you don’t have to worry about the age-old “flats only” rule women abide by. Pair the dress with these cute yet still comfortable heels (only 3 inches) and this fab bag, and you’re good to go.


You, too, can hit up Urban for your Jay Clifford concert apparel needs. Pair this classy top with a pair of jeans and some Vans, and you’re set.

3. Go see “Cabaret Kiki”

Clifford’s former Jump, Little Children bandmate Matthew Bivins performs in the theatre troupe known as Cabaret Kiki. They will be performing at Theatre 99 on Meeting Street May 14-17 at 10 p.m. as part of the infamous Piccolo Spoleto festival (of course you know it’s Spoleto season; it’s why we can’t drive or park downtown right now). Tickets can be purchased at the theatre from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, though you need to call first (843-853-NOTS).

4. Drink Jay Clifford-themed beverages

What better way to prepare for the event than to drink (if you’re over 21, of course, since I’m not looking to get arrested). Pop in Jump, Little Children’s “Between the Dim and the Dark” and listen to the track “Mexico” while sipping on a Clifford-arita on the rocks. Or, listen to “Invisible Sun” from “Driving Blind” while drinking an Invisible Clifford Moon.

How to make a Clifford-arita:

1 oz. Triple Sec

1 oz. lime juice

2 oz. tequilla (What would Jay do? I say he’d use Jose Cuervo).

Ice in the glass

Salt and a wedge of lime on the rim of the glass

An Invisible Clifford Moon:

1 Blue Moon beer

Take the Blue Moon label off of the beer bottle (now it’s invisible!)

Put one slice of orange in the beer



Now that you are equipped with all the knowledge necessary to prepare yourselves for the impending concerts, make sure you tell all your friends. The Holy City needs to support its beloved musicians.


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  1. If you want to truly “Cliffordize” yourself, you can’t start with “Magazine,” although it is an insanely great record. You’ve got to go all the way back to Licorice Tea Demos to really get the full Jay Clifford experience. Noticeably different style than Magazine and Vertigo, but it is the epitome of Jump’s music.

    Comment by Christy — May 20, 2008 @ 11:36 pm | Reply

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