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May 4, 2008

Spring oh8 runway revisited

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September came and went eight months ago, yet should still remain at the precipice of each Charlestonian’s mind, for it was the month that housed each of the Spring 2008 Ready to Wear fashion shows in Milan, New York, Paris, and all of the other fabulous cities around the globe. It was back in September that the styles and trends that were to become prevalent during this fair season were determined. Though, admittedly, much has occurred since those glorious shows took place, it is important for each and every person to uphold the standards implemented in the Spring 2008 shows.

Here is a refresher course of some of the shows’ best and easiest-to-copy looks, so that each Holy City inhabitant can ensure that he or she is dressing in accordance with the Spring 2008 shows.


The model strutted this look during Behnaz Sarafpour’s show. This look crosses the barrier from classic to trendy. There is, of course, the classic half-length coat, which could have easily been seen on Audrey Hepburn back in the day. Underneath the coat lies the trendy shorts, though not hoochie-esque nor skanky. Add a pair of heels and you’re good to go. This is the perfect day or night look, though of course now that it is getting hot, you’d most likely only wear the coat at night. An entire similar look can be found at Forever 21, from a cute coat, to the white tee, to the gorgeous shorts, to black heels.

Alberta Ferretti’s easy, breezy hippie-chic look could be easily translated into Charleston attire. The loose fitting top is perfect for the hot, humid Spring. This whole look exudes effortless style, perfect for the laid back atmosphere of the spring. Don’t worry about copying the hairdo– the humidity will bring about the same frizzy style no matter what you do. A similar (though not exact) look can be found by matching this Urban Outfitters top with one of their skirts and a pair of Steve Maddens, all available on King Street.

The next look comes from Tracy Reese. Unlike the previous two looks, this exact dress can be found in King Street store Biton. The classic A-line cut of the dress works on any body type, and hugs the curves of any lady who wears it. It’s one of those sexy-and-classy-at-the-same-time outfits.


Alright boys, here goes my first foray into men’s fashion reporting. I have to tell you, as cliche as it may be, I love a guy dressed in Lacoste. It is just a classic fashion line, the perfect mixture between preppy and stylish. This look fits right in here in Charleston, minus the rolled up pant leg (please don’t do that). Luckily for us, this look can be purchased at the Lacoste Store on King Street.

This DKNY look could easily be translated from the pages of GQ to the streets of the Holy City. The key is the contrast between the harsh orange and gray, and the subtle white shoes. For a similar look, look no further than Banana Republic for the pants and the shirt, and Steve Madden (if you’re wondering, I used to work there, hence the loyalty) for the shoes.


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