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April 24, 2008

It’s So Easy Being Green

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Yesterday at work, I rescued the March issue of Domino magazine from under an unassuming pile of coffee cups. I purchased a subscription to Domino last week…so I consider it Divine Intervention that one appeared yesterday.

Immediately enthralled by the Green List section–over twenty, full color, glossy pages filled with delightful ways to “go green”–I was inspired to create my own petite list of ways to stylishly love our planet.

Bessence Candles – 4/$40

Petroleum free, lead free, recycled, hand made, and clean burning. I think I’d have them in every room if my roommates would allow it. These candles aren’t just delightful in looks (no pun intended) but let you feel good about using them! You’ll never guess who’s got their star studded name on them either. Sandra Bullock (I knew I always liked her!). Check out her interview with Oprah about her candles here.

Envirosax Amazonia3 Shopper – $6.75

I really like this shopping bag…I guess I’m a sucker for bright colors and patterns. Plus each bag hold the equivalent of two plastic grocery bags and it won’t be in a landfill for the next thousand years.

Solay Simple – $8.95

Speaking as the girl who lives with to guys…the kitchen has a tendency to get really icky really fast. The ingrediants in this all natural all purpose cleaner are coconut, sugar, salt, and citric acid. I can only imagine how heavenly this cleaner smells.

Ecotools – $10.99

I don’t know which part I like better, the price or the fact that they’re made out of sustainable bamboo and are animal product free. I’ll just go with both! Order them online or pick a set of five up at your local Walgreens.

Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags

I remember when these were in the first time around! Glad to see them back. Made out of recycled seat belts (for real) these bags are about the most durable accessories out there.

Tom’s Shoes

If you haven’t heard about these yet…you’re going to love the idea. For every shoe you buy, one is given to a child in need. Styled after traditional Argentinian foot wear, these shoes are simple and from what I hear quite comfy. So far, they’ve given away over 50,000 shoes to children in need. Finally, a shoe you can feel good about buying!

Coca Cola T-shirt – $7.50

You know, I’m really not the biggest fan of WalMart. But you’ve got to give the company a hand for selling t-shirts made out of recycled Coca Cola bottles.




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