Holy City Style

April 23, 2008

A New Writer

A few weeks ago, after Charleston Fashion Week, Caroline invited me to be a guest writer on the blog.  She told me that I was “by far the most stylishly literate GUY” that she knew.  I must say that a compliment like that coming form Caroline (one of the most stylish and beautiful girls that I know), is overwhelming, and I could NEVER pass up such an opportunity!

This is my first real blog post…EVER, so I will ask you to take it easy on me (that is what she said).  My name is Travis and I am a sophomore at the C of C (I also like to use parenthesis a lot so do NOT get annoyed!).  But the important thing is: I LOVE fashion.

I had the privilege last year of attending the first EVER Charleston Fashion Week Finale.  I remember EXACTLY where I was when I heard about CFW: I was sitting in the barber’s chair at Allure Salon, where my stylist, Melissa Greenway (she is awesome), was doing my hair.  She told me that Laura Bennett from my FAVORITE show, Project Runway (a close second is Sex and the City), was coming.  I immediately gasped and said when is it and how do I get tickets.  Two days and one walk to Marion Square later, I was GOING!  After arriving that Saturday at the tents, I found out that I could use my press pass to get into the finale gala for FREE (it was supposed to be a $70 ticket!).  It was literally, and without exaggeration, the BEST night that I had the entire year.  I met so many incredible people: including designers, models, celebrities, and ALL of the “right people.”  I made several contacts within Charleston Magazine as well. 

So, naturally, this year when the new year started, I made certain to have the heads up on CFW.  I contacted my “new friends” from last year, and before I knew it, I was on the list as a volunteer with Julie Montgomery at Charleston Magazine.  While at the first Volunteer Orientation, I mentioned to Julie that last year, I had met and fallen in LOVE with Shanna Petry and her husband, who own Petry models, the agency that handles all of the models for CFW.  I asked Jill if Shanna would need any help this year.  Jill told me that she did not know, but revealed that Shanna was her cousin, so she would ask her.  The next week, I got an email from Shanna (who had just had a baby a few months prior, yet she is still one of the most fabulous and not to mention NICEST people that I know), and before I knew it, I was signed up to help out backstage as the Assistant Director of the models.  The really cool part is that I started helping Shanna out the week BEFORE fashion week.  I came to all of the rehearsals to become acquainted with all of the models and I also picked up clothes from several different stores that were to show during CFW.  One of the store owners that I got to meet was Kristin Williams of K. Morgan, and she was SOOOO sweet and fabulous, but I digress…

I went to the tents for the first time on Monday, and I could NOT believe my eyes.  It was AMAZING.  Fern Mallis and Olympus could not have done a better job themselves.  It was three times larger and 100 times better than last year.  One year made a LOT of improvement.  I was sooo stoked! 

Every day during the week, I had class until four, and on Thursdays, I sometimes did get out until SEVEN.  During Fashion week, my daily routine was as follows: wake up at 7:00, take a shower and make myself FABULOUS, go to class from 8:00 until 4:00, come home, take a shower, and make myself FABULOUS from 4:15 until 5:15, be in Marion Square from 5:30 until 10:00, stop by the after party for a little while, get back home at 11:00, take a THIRD shower and make myself FABULOUS for the inanimate objects in my room, doing homework until 2:00, and then FINALLY going to bed to repeat the WHOLE thing the next day.  I can say with NO sarcasm, it was STILL the best week of my life.  I LOVED it.  I was sleep deprived, and jaded, but I LOVED it.  I took on an extra role on Friday night as the lineup guy, and I performed at my new post on Saturday as well for the Bridal Couture show (fabulous, by the way), so I did not even get to sleep in for the weekend, but it was SO much fun.  I cannot even tell you how much fun it was…but I will be back with more details.  I hope that I did not bore you to tears with my first post, because I do not want it to be my last.  Leaving you with so much left to say,

Travis Lee O’Dell



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  1. Travis!! I had no idea you were going to write for holy city style, one of my favorite blogs. I can’t wait to read more!

    Comment by Julia — April 24, 2008 @ 1:59 pm | Reply

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