Holy City Style

April 5, 2008

Things To Investigate This Weekend

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1. The Euro Foods on 61 (or, at least…I think it’s on 61). Either way, I pass it on my way to the barn and every time I remember how much I want to poke my head in. I’ll be a very happy girl if they have Choco Prince cookies.

2. The out of the way antique store (also on 61…I think). I love the smell of old furniture.

3. Vegetable stand–once again on 61, but I’m sure of it this time (are you noticing a trend?). I pass this place all the time on my way to the barn and like Euro Foods I keep thinking I might want to stop and look. The guy always has signs for fresh fruits and veggies, plus boiled peanuts (something I must try if my Southern transplant is to be complete).

4. Any second hand furniture store I come across. I’m moving next weekend, and unless I want to sleep just shoes and sweaters…I best find some furniture. The more character, the better. Plus, I’m so much of a deal hound, I just can’t pass up such a good challenge!

Photo by Matthew Morse

5. Keeping up with Lola, the black lab puppy I’m fostering this weekend. Her name isn’t technically Lola…but I think it fits. You can adopt her from Wild Heir Labrador Rescue…just please let me come visit!

6. Hunting for a sun dress, and my yearly $4 investment in the one pair of flip flops I allow myself to own.

What are you doing on this rainy Charleston weekend?


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