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March 30, 2008

What To Wear…Summer Music Festivals

Summer music festival season is almost here. And standing outside in sweltering heat, swaying to the sounds of your favorite artist is no excuse to not look fabulous. You didn’t think I’d would let you off the hook that easy…did you?

Coachella: April 25-27 (Indio, California)

Why this outfit rocks…
Coachella is three days of the artsy-indie crowd rocking out in the dessert of California. It’s hot and there’s very little shade. The linen shorts will keep you much cooler than heavy denim, and paired with a long-sleeved, light cotton shirt, you’ll avoid a nasty sunburn. A linen sundress is also a good move, especially in this eclectic pattern. Pair both outfits with chic gladiator sandals (the one’s pictured above are by Alloy and cost only $24 so you won’t cry to hard when you throw them away at the end of the week). A messenger bag is a must for any music festival, since you’ll be toting your accouterments all day—including a water bottle (who wants to wait in a water line?) and some bright shades. Top the outfit with a wide brimmed sunhat.

Warped Tour: April 11-August 17 (Traveling)

Why This Outfit Rocks…
Warped Tour started as a conglomerate of unsigned, mostly punk rock artists, and evolved into the mashup of hardcore, emo, and otherwise indie festival we know today. It’s a traveling tour, but wherever they dock you can be sure to find intense heat. Lightweight denim shorts are perfect paired with a graphic t-shirt. Skip the usual undies and go for a bathing suit—then, during the heat of the day you can peel of your shirt and still be comfortable. This Charlotte Ruse number features a leaf and skull print perfect for the Warped Tour crowd. Skip lugging a totebag to any music festival, you don’t want to constantly have something rubbing against your shoulder. Again, a messenger bag is an arms free must, but since Warped Tour is just a one day per location festival a downsize is in order. This orange number by American Eagle is just big enough to hold your water bottle and blue sunglasses from fredflare.com. Finish the outfit with a pair of jellies.

Bonnaroo: June12-15 (Manchester, TN)

Why This Outfit Rocks…
It always rains at Bonnaroo, don’t go unprepared. These green shorts paired with a silly graphic t-shirt are a fun touch sure to start a conversation around the campsite. Tried and true Bonnaroo fans swear by bringing your most broken in tennis shoes—some say Croqs, but there is never an appropriate time for those. Also bring a pair of rubber rain boots, since there is nothing more miserable that wet tennis shoes and Bonnaroo is notoriously muddy. A sunhat is once again a must; bring one that is collapsible so you can stuff it in your trusty messenger bag. Bring plenty of water, and you might want to invest in multiple Nalgene bottles (you know they’re indestructible). Of course, sunglasses pull the look together.

So…what are you packing?



  1. I love the first outfit, with the linen shorts and bright blue top. Perfect summer attire.

    Comment by Bridget — April 2, 2008 @ 5:22 pm | Reply

  2. the warped tour outfit is pretty cute…but do NOT wear jellies/flip flops/flats to warped tour. you will regret it and will probably end up with a broken toe. Wear a cute pair of sneakers with good support. that orange bag is adorable though

    Comment by Ashley — July 4, 2008 @ 9:45 pm | Reply

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