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March 28, 2008

Thursday Night – Charleston Fashion Week

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Well, it’s not New York…but Charleston Fashion Week has promise.

I arrived at Thursday night’s edition of Charleston Fashion Week at 6:45 p.m. about half an hour before the first scheduled show. After receiving my press pass from one of the two most un-helpful volunteers in the world, I settled into front row of the General Admission—a.k.a peasant—side of the runway.

I seemed to have forgotten how uninspired some Charleston fashions can be. Yet tonight, amid the obvious there seemed to be a ray of hope among the crowd. Several dashes of bright yellow, and one sighting of a delightful hat featuring one very long, black feather.

Goga presented first for the night, and generally, I was impressed. The collection started with neutral tones and progressed to richer, more vibrant colors. Although it all ended with a puffy orange and beige dress that reminded me a bit of a craft project I did in middle school. I’ll be interested to hear other’s reactions to the garment…but mine was overwhelmingly fighting the urge to cry. Prevalent among Goga’s collection, though, were lots of long, flowy dresses that I know we’ll be seeing lots of as the season progresses.

II Brunettes surprised me. I was pleasantly shocked to see the paring of shorts with boots, and more shots of bright yellow—a trend that is most definitely here for spring. Also following the spring fashion trends was the appearance of white jeans and jumpers…two looks II Brunettes pieced together quite well.

Perhaps my biggest let down of the night was LulaKate, a store I had genuinely been looking forward to. There was nothing in this collection that showed anything different from their last collection…or perhaps the one before that, too. What I did see was a myriad of predictable styles and patterns paired with really, really, bad hair. The collection ended in a wedding dress that looked a bit last minute—the fabric didn’t hang correctly on the model, nor did the pattern match up on the seams.

Hampden, though, offered what Charleston Fashion Week should be about. There’s a reason this store has been feature in Vogue, and that’s because of their avant-guarde and modern approach to style. Gone was any homage to typical Charleston style, and very much prevalent were plays on classic looks with a modern twist. Finally, CFW has got some edge. Hampden sent a couple of masculine inspired looks down the runway, ranging from a rather boxy—but surprisingly chic—looking blazer on one model to an updated tuxedo style outfit on another. The jumper made another appearance in the Hampden collection, this time taking a sporty twist that I hope makes it to the streets of Charleston.


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  1. yo girl – did you write this? or did mel caudahada?

    Comment by Bridget — April 1, 2008 @ 12:39 am | Reply

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