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March 26, 2008

Best Hot Weather Makeup

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It’s coming.

That ungodly heat that arrives around May and lasts until mid-October.

You might have forgotten the feeling. The one where you step out your door and get hit by a wave of heat and humidity. Instantly your face starts melting, and you fight the urge to retreat into the cool confines of your apartment.

Don’t let the summer heat beat you…or your makeup…I offer these tips for summertime face care.

1. Wash Your Face. 24 hours of constant sweating means clogged pores and irritated skin. Wash your face morning and evening to remove the day’s collection of pollutants. Until recently, I lived, breathed, and died Clinique face wash. Then I realized the main ingredient used in most of their acne preventing products is the exact same as that in its cheaper cousins. Currently, I’m loving Olay’s Clarify & Cleanse Daily Scrub which is a steal at only about $5.

2. Tone Up. Toning is something I think too many people leave out of their face care regimen. A quick swish of toner across your face will tighten pores, and help combat overly dry and overly oily skin. Especially during the summer, toner also helps to exfoliate away any access dirt or oil on your face that your cleanser missed. I still swear by Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion which, for a big bottle that lasts about a year, will only set you back $19.

3. Moisturize. Even when the temperature is 97* with 100% humidity (which it will be) you must moisturize. It’ll help your skin stay healthy and happy all through the day. Again, I still love Clinique’s oil-free Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for $23.

4. Foundations. I blame my addiction to wearing foundation to years of showing horses where it’s something you have to do. Heavy foundations are a pain in the summer, and I recently made the switch from liquid foundation to Maybelline Mineral Power foundations. Following the trend set but much more expensive mineral makeups, Maybelline’s is just as good as much less expensive. This kind of foundation is great for summer because of its light weight and even coverage that won’t melt in the heat and certainly won’t melt your wallet at only $8.99.

5. Powder Power. If this is the only make up you wear, 9 times out of 10 you’re golden. A quick swish of translucent powder over your face will keep oil to a minimum and give your face a polished and put together look. I think powder is a personal preference that varies from person to person. Also, at least in my experience, brand doesn’t matter much unless your face is super sensitive. Currently, I’m using Maybelline’s Mineral Power powder.

6. All About Eyes. No matter how hot it gets, I just can’t will myself to get away from eye make up. However, for daytime summer makeup, I usually leave the vivid eye shadows off. Clinique makes an awesome eye color called Daybreak, it’s a neutral with just a little bit of shimmer and perfect for summer days. Off the Clinique website, it’s a bit expensive at $14 but Tanger Outlets has a cosmetic outlet store where you can snag it for about $10. Eyeliner can be a bit of a hassle during the summer, and I go for a rich chocolate brown under my eyes for just a bit of daytime drama. Like with powder, I really can’t tell a difference between the more expensive mascaras and the run-of-the-mill drug store brands. Waterproof mascara of any variety is a good move during the summer to keep it from melting into your eyes. iVillage rates Avon’s Wash Off Waterproof Mascara #1 with products from Max Factor, Cover Girl, and Maybelline following shortly behind.

7. Bronze Beauty. Bronzer a must for summer. A huge beauty trend at the moment is just a touch of bronzer brushed across the eye lids, and of course the timeless light dusting across the face. Actually, if you have enough of a tan and a solid skin care routine, bronzer might be the only summer makeup you need. However, bronzers have a icky habit of being a bit expensive. If budget isn’t an issue, BeneFit Hoola is highly recommended at $28. For the more budget minded fashionista, Maybelline’s Blush Bronzer is a steal at about $6.

8. Sunscreen. The most overlooked beauty product. Yes, it’s a little bit of a hassle to put on but if you’re going to be outside you must wear sunscreen. Most recommend a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 for daily use. No, it’s not glamorous but it will save your skin and perhaps even your life. Eucerin Extra Protective Moisture Lotion comes highly recommended at only about $9 as a facial sunscreen and Bull Frog Superblock, again at about $9, for all all over body sunscreen.




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  1. Mmm Bullfrog is my favorite! It smells the way summer should…

    Comment by Nasty — March 26, 2008 @ 2:57 pm | Reply

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