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March 24, 2008

What To Wear To An Interview

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That time of year has come when many of us sit up and realize this endless brigade of loafing to class in our sweatpants cannot last forever. Yes, the time has come for interview season. That horrendous time of the year when we must decide what exactly to do for the rest of our lives, or at least our summer. So, assuming you have gotten as far as contacting your respective potential employers, the time has now come to decide what you will wear for that all important interview.

Of course you know first impressions are everything, and that holds especially true for your interview. I’ve seen many an article advising to college student to wear their most conservative attire for an interview.

Quite frankly that is, at least in some part, ridiculous. Now, your interview is not the most opportune time to wear your most flamboyant of clothing. But at the same time, you don’t want to be so dull that you don’t stand out. Your potential employer will be seeing a multitude of people who want the job…just like you. And while your resume should set you apart from the crowd, what you wear should do just the same.

Every college student should invest in an interview outfit. Now it need not cost an arm and a leg, but it should be of enough quality that it both looks good and makes you feel good.

Express Pants For Him & Her
$49.50 & $59.50

Well fitted pants are a must for both ladies and gentlemen. And please, don’t forget to look at the length of the pant before you buy. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman wearing heels and pants four inches too short. Yes, you know what I’m talking about and don’t let that be you. My pick is the Express high-waisted or Editor pant for ladies and the Express Producer pant for gentlemen. It’s a modern cut and style that won’t set you back too much and is versitile enough to get you through man an interview, additionally both come in so many colors that it’s impossible to go wrong.

Now since there are a potential multitude of other students grabbing for the position you want, there should be something aesthetically to set you apart from the rest. Use color to accomplish this.

Ladies, I would recommend some accent of color around your face. A bright scarf or bold earrings will draw your potential employers attention to your face when you interview and make them more likely to remember who you are. Additionally, please remember to have your hair, nails, and face properly groomed. Yes, they do actually look at this.

Gentlemen, while a white or pale blue oxford shirt is always a classic with dress pants branch out. Why not lavender, or any other vivid color, with a complimentary tie? Again, be well groomed and do not wear white socks with your dress shoes.

So go out there, well dressed, and win that job. But please remember, your resume may tell them who you are, but you’re job is to show them.

Extras For The Pros…Sample Interview Outfits

Now, do NOT take of your jacket, I repeat do NOT take off your jacket. Because you are wearing a fitted blazer, wearing a strapless top works just fine. But don’t allow yourself to be tempted to remove your blazer during the interview.  Please notice, however, the pop of color in the shirt.

The notebook and pen are a nice touch. Always go into an interview with a (professional looking) notebook handy. It makes you look more prepared and means avoiding an awkward “Ahm, may I have a piece of paper to write that down?”


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