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March 19, 2008

Restaurant Review – Wasabi

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Now I know this sushi/hibachi joint is a favorite of the down town group because of it’s close proximity to, well, everything. But Wasabi tops my list as about one of the worst Japanese restaurants in Charleston…in my all too humble opinion, of course. Allow me to elaborate.

My poor experience with this restaurant began almost as soon as I sat down at the table. The waitress neglected to bring half of our party water, and we spent the majority of the meal dying of thirst and chomping feebly at our ice cubes in hope of getting something to satisfy our thirst.

The portions at Wasabi are considerably smaller (and considerably more expensive) than any of the other Japanese steak houses in the surrounding area–in fact all members of our party polished off their portions of hibachi delicacies. Usually, you’ll find a portion  of rice so large you don’t worry about food for the rest of the week (a blessing on the college student budget). Wasabi’s was not the case.

The food itself was decent at best. I’m a huge fan of soy-ginger dressing, so when I ordered it for my salad I was expecting the familiar sweet zing rather than the watered down imposter I was presented with. The flavor of my hibachi chicken was excellent, and while the vegetables tasted a little underdone and poorly seasoned…they were somewhat palatable.

Now for the kicker in the night.

After waiting almost half an hour for our check, the waitress mangled each person’s respective tab so much that we waited another hour for the restaurant to sort them out. I can understand perhaps a mistake happening one time with one check, but to continually present wrong tabs to customer is unacceptable.  One member of the party was presented the wrong check five times, and at one point his check was (for some reason) run on my card.

A restaurant would at this point, usually give some discount to their disgruntled customers…or at least free sake…but apparently not Wasabi. All our party got was an aloof “we’re sorry”. We asked to speak to a manager were snubbed off (“There is no manager here, sorry”), and again snubbed when we ask to speak the owner (“He’s very busy right now, sorry”).

In the end no discount for a two hour wait, mediocre food, and a very sour taste of Wasabi.

Holy City Style Overall Rating *


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