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March 11, 2008

Ode To White Sunglasses -or- How to Instantly Look Like You’re Famous

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I love white sunglasses.

Really and truly, white sunglasses and I have a secret love affair I forgot entirely about until this past Sunday.

During my journeys last week, I realized my sunglasses made me look something like a homeless waif. I had bought them last year at Vanity on King Street (which I adore, for the record). $8 worth of pure loveliness. Square frames, dark grey and black in color–quite chic for their itty price.

Then after almost a year of being tossed in purses, messenger bags, car seats, and riding boots…the paint had begun to peel–almost completely bare after a bored streak on the ship–and the lenses were finally scratched beyond use.

The time had come to invest in a new pair.

And by invest, I mean $10 or less.

I am one of those tragic people that cannot buy expensive sunglasses. The more expensive they are, the shorter they last.

So Sunday I bit the bullet and bought two new pairs of sunglasses (Wet Seal, 2 for $10). The first, a normal everyday pair in dark brown. The second, gleaming lacquered white.

White sunglasses have the incredible power of turning the most mundane of outfits into instant glamour. A good friend of mine wears his white sunglasses (Dior, I do believe) almost everyday and always looks more like a dashing movie star than a college student.

There’s something fabulous about their power, instant confidence (because how can you not be noticed!), and a sure ticket to catch everyone’s eye.

So, darling Charleston fashion mavens I encourage you to rush out and buy a pair for yourself. Turn everyday into glamor. Below, several outfits accentuated by some gleaming shades.


Icey Diva




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