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February 21, 2008

Thrifty Chic Pt 1 : Invest In Classics

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Salut mes petites! Every Sunday look for the Thrifty Chic article. In this series I prove that, yes, it is possible to dress well on an itty-bitty budget. Being as I have a few weeks to catch up on, forgive the overload…but amuse yourself with it anyway.

You can read my column each week in Indulge, the style and trends section of the College of Charleston’s GSO.

* * *

Your mother says it, your grandmother says it, it’s Gospel. Spend the bulk of your fashion budget on pieces that will not be on the Bad Trends of ’08 list. This is where the bulk of your clothing budget should be spent initially. For real, everyone should have these seven pieces in their wardrobe.

Stella Fit Jean

Dark wash jeans: Pick the style that most flatters your shape, and here is where you should really put forth the most you can afford to make yourself look good. Jeans are the fashion gods’ gift to women—the right pair will perk up and flatten out all the necessary places. A dark wash is literally the most flattering color of denim on any woman; leave the acid-washed in the 80’s. (Best Pick: Express’ Stella fit, seriously sexy in any style.)

Vintage Velvet Blazer
Belly Womper’s Vintage

Structured jacket: This one is obvious. Put it over a graphic tee, wear it with super short shorts, or glam it up with vintage inspired broaches. Get one right now if this piece isn’t in your wardrobe already. (Best Pick: Anywhere, this is one of the easiest items to find and at any budget. Bonus points though if you buy it vintage!)


Kailey Patent Pump
Payless Shoesource

Heels in any color: Anyone can do a black stiletto—which is the very epitome of timeless chic. But timeless with a twist means you have stilettos in a color not found on the beaten fashion path. You would be surprised how good colors like turquoise, plum, and dark green look with so many different outfits. Vibrant earth tones are a timeless alternative to run-of-the mill black. (Best Pick: Payless Shoesource very stylish shoes for a very persuasive price)


Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction

White oxford shirt: Another timeless and sexy standard. The mystique of the white oxford is a cult classic. From Audrey Hepburn to Nichole Richie to Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, and just as diverse in it’s use. Tucked into a high-waisted skirt or worn over those amazing dark wash jeans, it’s a piece no wardrobe should be without. (Best Pick: Banana Republic Factory Store…a treasure trove of wardrobe staples)


Pashmina: Think scarf…but not as bulky. This fashion essential is as timeless as the oxford shirt. Worn over a t-shirt, or under a structured jacket, the pashmina has both form and function. (Best Pick: lurk T.J. Maxx, Marshals, and Ross—they abound and at miniscule prices)


Nadara Heidi flat in Silver
Shi By Journey’s

Ballet flats in any color: Charleston bricks can be brutal on the feet, and if doing the Charleston shuffle on a daily basis isn’t in the cards for you invest in a decent pair of ballet flats. The most versatile member of the shoe family, ballet flats go from day to night seamlessly and with very little effort. (Best Pick: Shi by Journeys, fabulous)


Lace Cluster Necklace
Urban Oufitters

One really amazing necklace: Again, a piece that has infinite uses from confidence booster to conversation starter. Think outside the standard issue strand of pearls (which are certainly a timeless) and go for something different. Different doesn’t mean incredibly expensive…there are any number of stores that supply inexpensive and fun jewelry. (Best Pick: World Market, one of the most underrated stores when it comes to jewelry but sure to be worth your time. Urban Outfitters is decent, too)

Extras for the Pros… putting it together thanks to Polyvore.com


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